Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Book You NEED

An ex-Christian evangelist converted to Islam. He shares a short message with us. Let us praise the Lord.

Note: I have exams...hence the lack of content generated by myself recently. My exams finish on the, God-Willing, I will be bringing further material to the table in order to witness the Truth of Islam amongst other things

For those who are thinking of converting to Islam...please do convert to Islam...please go to your local Islamic centre or mosque.


retsamknup said...

After watching that.....and dozens of debates between muslims and christians I can see why Islam needs more followers in the West...

Yahya Snow said...


Perhaps if you engaged in truth seeking you would appreciate it more and actually read a translation of the Quran

Now....that sounds more rational than spewing superficial insults :)

Happy New Year brother

The Berean Search said...

I found this posted on the YouTube page of the gentleman in the video about the video featured on his channel:

"This video is for my channel. this is so i can get ajar for it playing over and over when people visit my channel. pass this video on if you want to share some of the ajar."

I think this speaks volumes about the spirit of Islam. Go get your "ajar" Muslims. Let the compulsive urge to outweigh your bad deeds compel you into all kinds of actions. And while you are at it, you are learning how to use other human beings as 'things' that are receptacles for you effort to work your way into heaven.

Will said...

Mr. Snow, I am disappointed with you. Mr. Wood does NOT cut up debates, and post only parts which sustain his arguments. He posts the FULL debate, Muslim and Christian, not just Christian, not just Muslim.

Mr. Wood blocked you for inappropriate behavior. If you notice, a few other Muslim debaters have been blocked but "miraculously" keep posting. Maybe we should leave it to Mr. Wood’s judgment as it is his blog.

But we mustn’t take a whole and separate it into parts also. That is why one does not cut up debates. By taking a whole debate, and separating parts appropriate for ones purpose, we take out the essence of what a debate is. The debate transforms into propaganda.

Mr. Wood has Muslim sites linking to his blog. If you cannot get a "reconsideration" to a newly born by yourself, why even try? Im sure your video has been diligently considered by the rightful recipient. And Im sure your stating that one was made was enough for the appropriate party to investigate it further.

Please agree to the debate proposal.

Yahya Snow said...

@ Will

Thanks for your respectful tone

I must pick you up on a slight inconsistency criticize me for slicing a debate yet NO Christian criticises their foremost apologist (James White) for doing the sam thing

Go to White's YouTube page and you will see numerous examples of this

Where isthe consistency

In any case...slicing a debate to highlight a segment when it is obvious it comes from a larger debate is perfectly acceptable in my eyes - hence my doing so

However you and other Christians are complaining...perhaps you should start with your own (White) before makingit an issue on this blog

I am sure you will view that to be fair and consistent

As for Mr Wood's censorship...that is an issue for you to contemplate upon.

Will I do plan to debate with is all a matter of sorting the details out...if these are not finalised then no debatecan go ahead

Also NO inappropriat behaviour was displayed on my part...I did enclose a link to the dialogue which lead to my banning...view it and you will see Mr Wood is in the wrong and I did not do anything which would be deemed ban-worthy

I plan to contact/respond to Anthony soon; hopefully we will make progress concerning the debate details


Please do view some of the conversion stories/vids on offer as well as the "why Islam" section

May Allah guide us all