Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Dr James White Scandal Continues at Alpha and Omega Ministries

UPDATE: James White is STILL featuring (knowingly) inaccurate material onhis YouTube page. He knows about this, I have sent him a number of emails, three video responses and Christians have let him kow of my material. James KNOWS about his mistake yet continues to feature the inaccurate material on his page for his Christian audience to view...why?

This is an abandonment of regard for truth and accuracy on the part of White.

White also refusesto comment on his inconsistency in supporting, endorsing and promoting an article by his friend, Sam Shamoun, in which Shamoun makes up his own translation of a Quranic verse wothout telling his readers (deception).

White has an awful lot of explaining to do but still remains silent...his silence only serves to highlight these words: hypocrisy, scandal, dishonest, corrupt, inconsistent, unscholarly, untrustworthy and misleading.

This "latest" video is over 5 days old now and White has had well over a wekk to correct his mistake and speak on his endorsements of shamoun's deceptive methodology.

4420 people have seen the inaccurate material on White's page, yet White leaves it there without letting people know of the inaccuracy; effectively White is deliberately misinforming his audience now (4420 people is alot!!!)

For further insight please view (copay and paste into browser):


Post by Yahya Snow


thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, As salamu 'alikum wr wb respected brother Yahya.

I made it known to TF here about your find.


He than let me know that James White responded here:


However, as you noted he has not taken down the youtube video or has edited the video to let us know of the mistake.

This is clear dishonesty on his behalf because if we are to accurately represent what others believe you wouldn't want people someone to shrug thier shoulders have missing a crucial part of John 3:16 and simply saying, 'Oh Well'.

I do find James White to be smug and very inconsistent.

Ali said...

we see Philippians 1:18 being used again:

"whether FALSE MOTIVES or true, Christ is preached..."

Yahya Snow said...

Walaikumsalam wr wb grand,

TGV...thanksas always but I must say the link you provided was not a response to any of my material...in fact it was a response to YOUR comments

So TF has got it wrong if he thinks White can circumnavigate this one by presenting something as a response when it is not a response (to my material)

I agree with you on White's dishonesty but it appears as though TF is confused or White has fobbed him off

I agree, again with your comments onJohn 3:16...and as a Muslim you must note the severity of presenting something which is not a Surah from the Quran as a Surah from the Quran...this is rank disrespect from White.

In all honesty, he is waisting my time...he could justdo the honest and responsible thing and rectify the mistake but he prefers Muslims to chase after him with accusations of "hypocrisy" and "dishonesty"

Oh well

May God bless us all

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of Allah, As salamu 'alikum wr wb respected brother Yahya.

Here is a response to White and his inconsistent behavior once again here:


Hope it makes a 180.

Yahya Snow said...

Grand,walaikmsalam wr wb

It will be interesting to see what White makes of it. This pressure on white must be quite testing.

i know White isoff to Michigan so perhaps that will do him good and he will come back refreshed and able to acknowledge the points being made against himand thus draw a line under this saga.