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Why Are Expatriates in Dubai Attracted to Islam?

Tolerance is the key to attracting people to Islam

Ahmed Shaaban ( / 23 December 2013

Tolerance and practical teachings that address the body, soul, heart and mind, are the key reasons behind the conversion of hundreds of residents here.                                                                   
New Muslims at the Islamic Information Centre of the Dar Al Ber Society in Dubai. — Supplied photo
New Muslims at the Islamic Information Centre of the Dar Al Ber Society in Dubai. — Supplied photo
This was the general opinion of about 185 new converts to Islam at the Islamic Information Centre (IIC) of the Dubai government-run Dar Al Ber Society in November this year.

A senior official said the new Muslims are originally from countries like the Philippines, China, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cameron, Kenya, Nigeria, the U.S., Germany, Britain, Ireland, Australia and Myanmar.

Rashid Aljunaibi, Director of the IIC, on Sunday told Khaleej Times that the centre spares no efforts to introduce Islam to non-Muslims communities in the best, easiest, most tolerant, and persuasive way possible.

“People are attracted to the merciful and rational teachings of Islam, which orders its followers to be honest, fair and kind to all people, irrespective of their religion, race, language and colour.”

Moreover, in association with the Dubai Courts, and the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai, a unified certificate is now issued to authenticate an individual’s conversion to Islam, he said.

The centre, located close to the Satwa Roundabout in Bur Dubai, saw the conversion of 490 expatriates in September and October this year. They are from Argentina, Brazil, Russia, India, Cameron, Uganda, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Spain, Malaysia, Kenya, Eretria, Belgium, and the Philippines.

“We have distributed up to 1,035 books, brochures, CDs, and cassettes about Islam translated in several languages: English, Tagalog, Indian, and Chinese in November, against 4,500 in October and 4,294 in September.” The centre also held 300 lectures for new Muslims. “We regularly keep in touch with new Muslims online, by phone, and via Facebook and Twitter.”

Recently, the centre collected a cash donation of Dh51,000 in support of poor new Muslims. “We have also received a donation of Dh21,000 for printing 3,000 copies of the New Muslim Guidebook, while a total of Dh40,000 was gifted to new Muslims at the Punitive and Reformatory Establishments in Dubai.”

Aljunaibi earlier told Khaleej Times that over 20,000 residents, from 200 nationalities, converted to Islam at the Islamic Information Centre since its inception in 1993.

“Official statistics show that the centre helped 1,907 residents convert to Islam in 2012 as compared to 1,350 in 2011, 1,500 in 2010, and 1,059 in 2009. Over 50,000 individuals and families, hailing from different countries, approached the centre on an annual basis to know about Islam.”

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