Sunday, 13 September 2015

Gariba International Ministries Scandal

Zak Gariba has been telling a few stories to Christians in Canada. He's one of these guys who claims to be an ex Muslim imam who converted to Christianity. However, there are many problems with his stories.

One such problem is that he muddles up the prayer and the Athan. Not to mention him not accurately reflecting what is even said in the prayer/athan. Zak Gariba claimed to have beaten up his Christian friends whenever they came to discuss the Bible with him, this story did not make sense within the context of his overall story.

Zak Gariba claimed to have witnessed and part took in healings. Yet as far as we know, he never went to the local hospital to heal all the sick people there...

Watch this video to see some of the problems with Zak Gariba's claims.

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