Thursday, 17 December 2015

Slapping/Whipping and Belittling Dhimmis When Taking Jizya Payments From Them?

This is just one of those annoying allegations in the Islamophobes' arsenal used to demonize Muslims and Islam for political, evangelical and/or financial reasons.

The claim suggests Muslims should slap or whip the Dhimmi while taking the Jizya payment.

This quote from the explanatory notes of 'The Study Quran: A New Translation and Commentary' should be sufficient to get people to recognise this claim is misleading:

Some interpret being humbled (wa hum saghirun) to mean that the treaty holders should render the indemnity in a state of humility, but some say that the very fact of paying the indemnity is tantamount to this "being humbled" or "being the minority party" (R). Though the practice of forcing the treaty holders to pay the indemnity in a humbled manner was not unknown in Islamic history, many jurists, such as al-Nawawi, pointed out that the Prophet and Caliphs never did so and said that the treaty people's indemnity should be received with gentleness, as one would receive payment of a debt. Umar ibn al-Khattab reportedly agreed to call the indemnity "charity" (sadaqah) when asked to change its name from jizyah. [Loc 24960, Kindle]

Thus we see Prophet Muhammad and the Caliphs never humiliated or hurt the payers of Jizya at the time of taking payment. In fact it should be taken with gentleness as per the opinion of many jurists.

Here's a quote you may see doing the rounds on Islamophobic websites in an attempt to misdirect you from the bigger picture:

As-Sawi noted that the payment of the jizya signified that the non-Muslims are “humble and obedient to the judgements of Islam.” It ensured the “willing submission” or “state of abasement” specified by this verse and spelled out by the Bedouin commander al-Mughira bin Sa”d when he met the Persian Rustam. Said al-Mughira: “I call you to Islam or else you must pay the jizya while you are in a state of abasement.”

Rustam replied, “I know what jizya means, but what does “˜a state of abasement” mean?”

Al-Mughira explained: “You pay it while you are standing and I am sitting and the whip hanging is over your head.”

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