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Pastor Rudolph Boshoff Questioned on Sex, Racism, Women, Trinity Belief and More!

Rudolph Boshoff is a pastor in South Africa who teaches at Rhema Bible College. Here he is quizzed by a Muslim in order to get a better understanding of Trinitarian Christianity's views on the more obscure topics

Yes or no answers are required for clarity purposes.

YES/NO. Go, Rudolph!!!

The issue of relationships between couples is extremely confusing for outsiders looking in. We need clarity on these questions

1. Is dating (heterosexual) allowed in Christianity?

2. Are they allowed  kissing or fondling?

3. Is sex (oral or otherwise) before marriage allowed between boyfriend and girlfriend (unmarried couples)?

Let's talk women for a few moments..

4. Are female pastors allowed?

5. Are female Christian apologists allowed to address Christian audiences in public?

6. Do women have to wear a headcovering in church?

7. What about out of church, must it be worn?

8. Are Christian women allowed to cut their hair short?

7. Are Christian women allowed to wear yoga pants without any other garment covering the pants?

8. Are Christian women allowed wear tight-fitting T-shirts in public?

9. Tight jeans?

10 Low cut tops?

11. Skirts: a. knee length? b. a bit above the knee? c. really short (like short shorts)?

Let's talk sex for a few moments (we're all adults and can discuss this maturely)..

12. Are Christian married couples allowed to watch porn together?

13. Are they allowed anal sex?

14. Are they allowed oral sex?

15. Are they allowed to read erotica together?

16. Are sex scenes in Hollywood movies acceptable to be watched in Christianity if they pop up in the middle of a movie?

Let's talk racism..

17. Are Christians allowed to be racist?

18. Is there any Biblical prohibition of racism?

19. Is it OK to portray Jesus as a black man?

20. Are James White's comments on Middle Easterners acceptable in Christianity? [You have been noticeably silent on this issue despite you being a friend of James - I know you are not a Westerner but most Westerners would consider those comments to be problematic but I understand the Bible does not conform to Western ideals in many instances so it's important to get clarity from a pastor]

Questions about the Holy Spirit..

21. Do Christians believe the Holy Spirit only dwells in Christians?

22. Do Christians believe the Holy Spirit is still dwelling within them while they sin?

23. Does the Holy Spirit dwell within both Calvinists and Arminians?

Questions about Hell

24. Do you believe Muslims will go to Hell?

25. Do you believe some Christians will go to Hell or are they all saved in your view?

26. What about Catholics?

27. Mormons?

28. Jehovah Witnesses?

29. Other Unitarian Christians?

Questions about the Trinity idea (we're almost done!)

30. Must one believe in the Trinity idea to be saved?

31. Do you believe in Eternal Functional Subordination (to simplify for your specific ideology; do you believe the Son was subordinate to the Father prior to creation and also now)?

32. Did Abraham know about the Trinity?

33. How about Moses and David?

34. Did Jesus specifically explain the Trinity idea to his followers?

35. Did Peter preach the Trinity idea (ref Acts 2)?

OK, that's a lot - I'm tired after rushing to type all that. Thanks for taking time to answer

Sorry false alarm, one more question I want to add in for now as this was not answered on FB by yourself

36. Can somebody say the Father is a third of the Godhead according to orthodox Christian theology?

Oh no, false alarm again. Another subject.

37. Will Jesus kill unbelievers when he returns?

38. Will Christians help him to kill unbelievers when he returns?

39. Was it just the Father who allowed the severe beating of female and male slaves in Exodus 21:20-21 or is the Trinitarian position that the Holy Spirit and Jesus allowed that too?

40. Would that be the same for passages such as 1 Samuel 15:3 where women and babies are ordered to be killed?

Let's call it a day at 40. Thanks for your time - sincerely. It should not take you much time and if you need clarification on any question, you know how to contact me - FB messages are easiest for me. I don't normally leave the comment section open but for this post, feel free to post your answers in the comments. Peace

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