Thursday, 13 October 2016

Pfander Films Questioned Over Conversion Figures. Speakers Corner

FAO Speakers Corner. Jay Smith has a reputation for dishonesty. He has claimed to have 100s of ex Muslim converts in the London area but he, upon being asked why there's no evidence of these converts by Justin Brierley of Premier Christian Radio, he cited the reason of safety and security. Yet he is somewhat contradicted by his own colleagues. Hatun Tash claims to be an ex Muslim and she is in public view. Beth Grove has claimed to have had some in public view too.

The suspicion now seems to be either Jay is telling porkies, exaggerating and/or he has been taking advantage of refugees (asylum seekers) who have been in the news for pretending to convert to Christianity in order to get a perceived boost in their asylum application.

Was Jay Smith's (Asylum?) Conversion Scam Exposed by Justin Brierley, Hatun Tash and Beth Grove?

This video is also uploaded here

Questions have now got to be asked of Pfander Films' Jay Smith. He has a reputation for dishonesty; this new video does no favours to his already tarnished reputation. Perhaps a sincere and serious minded Christian will ask Jay about this seeking answers.

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