Wednesday, 26 July 2017

RE: "Farhan Qureshi Continually Changing his Faith"

There's an interfaith discussion featuring Farhan Qureshi and the interviewer said I said Farhan continually changes his religion. I assume he was referencing the following the comment:

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I do stand by this comment, Farhan has changed his approach to religion a few times. That's not necessarily something I'm criticising him for. It's positive in that he may come to Islam. However I do believe the comment is true in that he does change his approach and views to religion regularly. Ahmadi, Salafi, Sufi, Universalist and then full blown Hinduism. Farhan can email me* if he was not following any of these paths - I would not be surprised if there are more approaches to faith Farhan has taken in between especially considering somebody recently said he was a gnostic Christian.  He may say Universalism and Hinduism are the same thought patters, they aren't the same. We can get in to that at another time.

If I get time I will critique some of Farhan's comments and views, perhaps even debate him privately if I feel there will be value in it. He has been promoting Hinduism and exMuslims recently.

NOTE: I don't recommend listening to the Farhan Qureshi interview. It was very repetitive and the there was little refutation and rebuttal material to some of the views Farhan was expressing. Farhan was quite contradictory too.

*Farhan emailed me stating he never gave allegiance to a Sufi pathway. He has also stated he does not recall ever saying he was a gnostic Christian.

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