Monday, 14 May 2018

Pakistani Christian Supporter of Tommy Robinson - Do Muslims Condemn Grooming Gangs

Some people may think Muslims have not condemned grooming gangs. Grooming gangs are criminals who break the teachings of Islam.

Do Muslims Condemn Grooming Gangs? Tommy Robinson Bigots Answered

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The Pakistani Christian in this video is either being disingenuous or is not thinking in a reasonable fashion.In order to condemn a group of criminals and/or a criminal action you don’t need to stand outside courts and march around like the xenophobes of the EDL, Britain First, the Football Lads Alliance and the like.You just need to put out a condemnatory statement. That’s all.
This Christian bloke will not accept Muslim condemnations unless he see Muslims outside court cases yelling at groomers going in and out of the court for their trials like Tommy Robinson and Britain First types do.

You don’t see sports club members, employees of TV stations, parliamentarians or church members being asked to protest outside courtrooms in order to condemn groomers caught in their midst?
Why is he asking for this from Muslims? He seems either totally ignorant or just plainly disingenuous.

His attitude is reckless as it can lead to further fan the flames of anti Muslim sentiment and encourage collective blame. This is in fact what the far right are trying to do, they misuse these news stories and the victims of these grooming gangs to push their xenophobia and dg-whistle Islamophobia to the public domain in propaganda campaigns against Muslims – essentially they see the victims of sexual violence at the hands of grooming gangs of an ethnic background for a far right political project. This is quite easily discernible as thy concern themselves exclusively on rapes and sexual assaults which can be pinned on cultural outsiders (Muslims in this case) it has to be opposed intellectually and condemned.

Finally, I want to highlight something you should all be switched on to. The far right are increasingly using people ethnic backgrounds to demonise other minorities (mainly Muslims). This is a tactic used by the far right so as to shield them from accusations of racism. What they are actually doing is tapping into something that has happened historically, as highlighted by MP Dianne Abbot. More established immigrant communities (ethnic minorities) may well criticise the newer and the less established immigrant communities in the West. It’s something to watch out for, it’s still discrimination regardless of the ethnicity of the person who is being used by the far right so don’t feel reluctant to call them out for it by calling a spade a spade .