Friday, 19 March 2010

Brother Nakidmon...An Apology...And an Offer

My dear friend, Nakidmon, posted three lengthy comments regarding a post which he disagreed with. These comments whent unapproved...I apologize to him. I am not in a position to "debate" at length in any comments section (including my YouTube sections) due to time constraints. Thus I was forced to reject his comments.

Therefore, in order to give my brother Nakidmon an oportunity to discuss his views with me I will ask him to keep an hour long slot free in the Summer months so we can discuss live (Paltalk/Stickam)

Please let me know (you can email me if you wish my dear brother)

God bless


Nakdimon said...

Sure Yahya, I accept your offer and appology. Just let me know and we can do it on paltalk, with the only condition that it will be recorded and aired on Youtube afterwards. Just let me know what time and date.


Yahya Snow said...

Nakidmon :)

It is very gracious. Thank you kindly.

Yes, the discussion should be recorded so others can benfit from any insight given.

I cannot set atime and date as of yet...but God willing we will be able to stay in contact and arrange something

Actually...areyou in the UK...if you are we could meet face-face...