Thursday, 20 May 2010

David Wood Continues to Attack Yahya Snow...A Response

Qureshi's rebuke of David Wood:

Wood is now slicing and dicing comments in order to attack Yahya Snow...David, show the entire comments rather than snips that suit your agenda...ever heard of context:

" really want to pick a fight with me"
"In any case David...if you want to play it your way without regard for me...then I will play it my way"
"Watch out for the final two vids...i have given you chance after chance David"
"If you want to talk about shutting down debates...then wait for the next uploads...they will be the final vids on this matter AND then we shall see David"
"Ive lost patience with good nature only extends so far"
"trust me...if the final two vids are uploaded there will be no turning back"

David Wood misleads his audience into thinking it is only Yahya Snow (and RM) who oppose David Wood...why did he not bother to tell them that his long term FRIEND (F.Qureshi) agrees with the shut down of debates?

Why is Wood trying to shun Qureshi's appeal and article (and even keep it from his audience)? Qureshi wants Wood to apologize and self-reflect...Qureshi and I are both wanting David Wood to improve his behaviour as his behaviour is unacceptable!

Why...ask yoursel why...Nabeel, Negeen, Minoria etc...Wood simply tried to use Snow as a scapegoat (unfairly)...but this goes way deeper than one man objecting to Wood's behaviour

His behaviour has been described as "obnoxious" by a respected is time to sit Wood down and let him know he needs to review his behaviour by putting aside his ego!

So David...not only is your friend (Qureshi) after an too is Yahya Snow...the list is growing
Is Wood behaving in a Christian way? Qureshi does not think so

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Anonymous said...

"Wood simply tried to use Snow as a scapegoat"

"posted by Yahya Snow at 08:17 on 20-May-2010"

Have you seriously taken to referring yourself in the 3rd person now?

You are a funny guy Yahya Snow.