Friday, 28 May 2010

Nabeel Qureshi, Please Stop and Think

An incident of horror took place in Pakistan and many of Nabeel Qureshi's people (Ahmadis) were killed. Seventy (70) people have been killed and many others have been injured.

News report: The assaults were carried out by at least seven attackers, including three suicide bombers, and several worshippers were held hostage, officials said. One gunman fired his rifle while positioned atop a minaret.

However, it seems as though Qureshi is using this to fuel his anti-Islam agenda

Qureshi tells his audience:

"I have heard word from my family; some of my distant relatives (whom I did not know) have been killed. The congregation at my parents' mosque is rife with mourning over the loss of loved ones"

Then (strangely enough) immediately goes on the offensive against Islam:

"This is Islam, ladies and gentlemen. Make no mistake about it. From the very beginning, Muslims marched against Muslims and slaughtered each other. I'm not talking about power-mongers hundreds of years after Muhammad hijacking Islam for personal profit. I'm talking about Ali, Muhammad's closest cousin and one of the four rightly guided caliphs, marching against Aisha, the wife of Muhammad, just 24 years after Muhammad. 50,000 Muslims met each other in battle that day, and 10,000 were slain. Muslims have been killing each other ever since.

Massacre, violence, and brutality from its very inception. This is the enemy we are fighting."

It seems the blood is still wet and Qureshi wants to use it to fuel his agenda against Islam. Have a bit more compassionate thought rather than thought of exploitation, Nabeel. Do you really think your family want you to be blogging an anti-Islam agenda right NOW???

I am not well versed with Pakistani politics and sectarian violence in the country but whenever I hear of such incidents of horror I stop for a moment and feel saddened, I pray for the families of those involved and pray for an end to such violence. May Allah put an end to such violence. Ameen.

Nabeel needs to re-evaluate his priorities; is having a dig at Islam more important than dignity and sensitivity?

The same applies to the insensitive Muslims on the internet who use the abuse scandal to attack the Church and Chrisitanity whilst having a disconnect from any regard of the suffering the victims endured and still are enduring.

Faith teaches us to be more mindful of sensitivities. Let us do this and let us put our agendas to smear people's faith to one side.

I appreciate it is a tough time for Nabeel but this is not the way to vent emotion and stress. I hope David Wood (or Nabeel) sees sense and pulls the post in question as it offers nothing positive.

May Allah help the differing communities in Pakistan get along better. May Allah support Nabeel's family at this time of mourning.

(If any Ahmadi organisation wants help in raising financial help for those injured and the families involved please contact me; I will arrange a collection in London, England, other Muslims will help in doing so...our thoughts are with the families of the victims...note if any demostrations against the Pakistani government are arranged by the Ahmadi community in London I shall attend too in order to support them. This community does not deserve this)

***UPDATE:Nabeel Qureshi's Latest Deception***
See here for Nabeel's intellectual dishonesty regarding the Quran

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WomanForTruth101 said...

I'm just wondering, haven't Christians also slain Christians? The Crusades killed Christians, Spain was blessed by the Pope to conquer England in the 1500's, Catholics and Protestants are always fighting in Ireland. What about those innocent women who were burned alive for being "witches" in Medieval Christianity?

I have a question for Nabeel. Having asked this to ignorant Christians before, if Islam doesn't tolerate other beliefs (including Ahmadiyya's and Christians) then how come "Strict", "Islamic", "Republics", whom according to you Christians run off of the Quran and Hadith, have churches, minority sect mosques, and other religious orginizations?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen how these churches are treated? Do you not know how severely restricted Christians are in Saudi Arabia and the like? Please do some research before you speak. You talk as if these people have any level of true freedom to worship as one should. At least here in the west, a Muslim is not threatened with death for converting a Christian but in some of these very strict Islamic countries the conversion of a Muslim to Christianity can very well lead to death for both the person who became a convert and the one who converted him.

Please, your comment makes you sound ignorant hence why I'd like to ask you to actually research this topic before speaking about it. If you do research it, you'll find out that Islam oppresses other religions in a far more brutal way than any example you can charge Christianity for in the West.