Saturday, 25 September 2010

Negeen Mayel Found Guilty Plus Acts 17 Apologetics Acquitted

I hate to say "I told you so" but I'm going to say it.

After reviewing all the elements in the equation; I had expected Acts 17 Apologetics to be found not guilty in Dearborn with respects to the charge of breach of peace but the charge against Negeen Mayel (failure to obey police orders) was a nailed on certainty. That is what has happened.

Nabeel Qureshi of Virginia, Negeen Mayel of California, and Paul Rezkalla and David Wood, both of New York, were acquitted of breach of peace, 19th District Court officials in Dearborn said after the verdict. Mayel was found guilty of failure to obey a police officer's order. [1]

The charge of breach of peace was never going to be proven as the Christian (Roger Williams) complaining against them had insufficient supporting evidence for his claim to be upheld; thus Acts 17 Apologetics were always unlikely to be found guilty

It was a "Christian Vs Christian" Battle in Court

I would like to congratulate Acts 17 Apologetics and condemn their Christian accuser (Roger Williams). At this point we should not conflate this with the very real claim of deception on the part of Acts 17 Apologetics - for some reason Acts 17 Aplogetics made it out to be a Muslim Vs Christian thing and even suggested Dearborn was being run by Sharia (Islamic Law). Certainly, this was errant nonsense on the part of Acts 17 Apologetics; they were simply hate mongering against Muslims. Interestingly enough, the Mayor of Dearborn (Jack O Reilly), after the trial, called them out for their hatred and attention whoring:

"It's really about a hatred of Muslims," O'Reilly said. "That is what the whole heart of this is..... Their idea is that there is no place for Muslims in America. They fail to understand the Constitution." [1]

A word on Negeen Mayel of Califiornia

It appears her conviction will be appealed. I pray for her, she is young and somewhat naive. I really hope this sparks the end of her association with this group of Christian fundamentalists

A word on Acts 17 Apologetics

They may have been found not guilty in Dearborn but their guilt of hate-mongering and deception is written on their faces. Why use deception to have a dig at Muslims and Islam?

Only Acts 17 Apologetics can answer that.

Let's pray for all involved (including their Christian accuser, Roger Williams).

Addendum: It is appropriate for those who accused Acts 17 Apologetics of a Breach of Peace prior to the Dearborn trial to recant and apologise. It appears I fall into this category so I apologise too.

My beef has always been with Acts 17 Apologetics' dishonesty; they tried to make this out to be a Christian Vs Muslim issue and subsequently hate-monger against Muslims based on this false premise. It was never anything to do with Sharia - it was a Christian Vs Christian thing. I just hope Acts 17 Apologetics have the good sense to acknowledge this and apologise for their gross and dangerous deception - Muslims could have been physically harmed due to the potential fundamentalist-Christian backlash arising from Acts 17 Apologetics' deliberate misinformation.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! How does eating crow taste.

You tacked an apoloogy at the end of your post, but not before first lying about never saying they are clearly guilty.

You ared such a deceiver. Your guile is not being missed by many of us.

Yahya Snow said...




Come on, be fair...please

Your disparaging comment just ruined a good moment; my football (soccer) team just scored and then the jubilation was tempered by your mean comment :(

Anonymous said...

Good article

Finally some accurate reporting found on the internet. Thanks for supporting Dearborn with the truth

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, Peace be unto those who follow the guidance from their Lord, other news....we still have Nabeel Qureshi being blatantly dishonest about a supposed statement on the transmission fo the Qur'an.

And...the good "DR" James White didn't do so great against Abdullah Kunde on the debate 'Assurance of Salvation in Islam and Christianity' that happened yesterday.

go over to the good "Doctor's" site and every time he felt he did quite well he gives a podcast, a youtube clip a summary.

Watch this debate be swept under the rug very quickly.

And now we have reformed Christians finally reading classical islamic material (or atleast claiming to do so)

Team Islam STAND UP

maratsafin said...

salam everyone and especially to tgv. Trust me even if he didnt do so well he will try to make it like he did,either by making one his minions like those at begars al blog or the anonymous turretinfan write a review exalting him. Also i do not understand how he keeps defending david wood,this charlatan (woods) works for a jesuit university and yet he is allied with one of the most anti-catholics out there.

Anyway it was one more argument agaisnt the holy spirit,first woods and co were lying about who made the complaint and then the other missionary supposedly guided by the spirit as well makes a complaint against them. Oh dear christianty is really on its last legs.

Anonymous said...

Maratsafin as long as you think stupid arguments like yours have any teeth, Christianity will continue to tower over islam.

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God,

" Christianity will continue to tower over islam."

Anonymous they have medicine that can help people like you.

Here is the reality. Christianity has Islam outmatched tactically in every way, wealth, weaponry, schools, universities.

Islam has the media against it, and most of the Muslim countries are quite backwards (no thanks to colonialism of course but thanks for the trains and canals you left behind)

any way it is only a matter of time before Islam becomes the de facto faith of Western Europe *cough* *cough* FORMER stomping grounds of reformed theology ;)

Pentacostalism/Charistmatic Arminians are beating the pants off Islam in Africa....this is in part due to a very sad fact that many Arabs would spend a bomb to convert someone who has blonde hair and blue eyes and leave their darker skinned breathern to the wolves. (Again this statement is very general and there are very generous Arab bros and sisters who do not have racism and pride in their hearts)....continued...

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

however, this won't last for long because the pentacostal/charismatic form of Christianity really lacks depth and substance and the people of Africa are very intelligent people though that continent has been raped and robbed more than any people on this earth (Allah alone knows the truth of it).

For example the fact that the Oneness Pentacostals can do all the magic tricks (speaking in tongues,faith healings, snake handling, voo doo) that the Trinitarian Pentacostals can do.

This will than make the people wonder....

Charistmatics are also beating the pants of the Catholics in South America....but Islam is also on the rise among Latinos.


thegrandverbalizer19 said...

Christianity (both reformed and charismatic) is growing like wild fire in China and Korea....however what I have seen with my own eyes in Singapore and from the Koreans is that the attraction to Christianity is because Christianity looks like the religion fo the Westerner and it's socially mobile (no rules and laws like Islam).

Yet, what I observe is that the lucky charm starts to wear off after a while, the Church destroys itself with lack of real meaning to peoples lives, internal bickering and back biting, and the idea of praying to a Caucasian with blonde hair and blue eyes in the 21 century just doens't have the mileage that it used to.


thegrandverbalizer19 said...

So this basically leaves us with the Ango-American orbit and I'll include in this (U.S, Canada, U.K, Australlia and New Zealand).

U.K -goes the way of Islam.
Australlia/New Zealand become a bastion of paki and indian phobic caucasians who 'flee' mother England. But due to their proximity to Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore I have seen many of them take a liking to Islam and Muslims. (this is still a 50/50)

Canada-will go the way of Islam.

U.S.A will be the last stand that Christianity makes in my estimation.

U.S Christianity will not be over run by Islam not by a long shot. What will end up destroying Christianity will be it's myarid 1001 competing denominations, sub divisions and sectarinism.

Pentacostals modalist vs Pentacostal trinitarians.

Arminian vs Calvinist
Calvinist vs Calvinist (on pedo baptism, and federal vision, and god having two natures etc)

Lutheran vs Calvinist.
Southern Baptist vs First Baptits vs Independent and on and on...

Church of Christ "campbellites" vs Baptist, vs Arminian Westlyn (Methodist) vs Presybeterian Calvinist vs Reformed Baptist Calvinist vs Southern Baptist Arminian...and so forth.

The United States is a very conservative nation (compared to Europe) but people are well beyond the hypocrisy and inconsistency of the talking heads in conservative political landscape.

All of these factors....

Islam for the clean sweep!

Anonymous said...
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Yahya Snow said...

A spam comment has just been removed

Nothing to be alarmed about :)

Anonymous said...

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maratsafin said...

touched a nerve did i anonymous? hahaha true christianity does tower over Islam but only through numbers,Islam however towers over christianity in truth and adherents.

Anonymous said...

Well that is surely an ugly prognostication, verbalizer. What you have predicted here is that the world is going to hell. But many of us have greater confidence in God that Islam will not be the end of things and the devil will not rule.

Yahya Snow said...


Come to Islam

Drop your opposition to the Truth...come to Islam and worship God...have a relationship with God

Would you like that?

If yes...come to Islam


Anonymous said...

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