Saturday, 11 September 2010

The Danger of Levonelle (a Morning After Pill)?

The Irresponsible Side Effects of Levonelle

I was watching channel 4 on YouTube (a British TV station) and an advert for a product, Levonelle popped up. I viewed this product as a potential health-hazard whilst being in a state of utter shock and concern for British girls and society. I would imagine advertising and popularising products such as Levonelle is a backward step in the fight against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) – never mind the negativities which surround the use of any drug yet alone a drug which is designed as a morning after pill!

Think about it; how good for the body can an "emergency" drug such as a MORNING AFTER PILL be?

Levonelle even acknowledge the side effects one may experience, they are listed as such:

• Sickness
• Changes to periods
• Spotting or irregular bleeding before your next period
• More than 5 days late – we’re talking about your period!
• Late period and pain

Is Levonelle encouraging unprotected sex and STDs?

Of course there is nothing overtly suggesting Levonelle supports either unprotected sex or STDs BUT Levonelle offers a “safety net” to those who are sexually irresponsible. This of course has negative knock-on-effects; one of the two main reasons a “couple” would utilize contraception is the fear of pregnancy (the other reason being a precaution against Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Now, it does not take a rocket scientist to predict with the popularising of morning after pills (i.e. Levonelle) we will see an increase in irresponsible sex of an unprotected nature. Therefore a prediction in the increase of STD rates!

British girls have it tough already – this peer and even societal expectation for teens to embark on sexual relations is out of control. We have the highest rates of teen-pregnancy in Europe [1]. Levonelle is NOT helping – Levonelle is a product which shouts the horse has bolted!

Surely the potential health concern is teenage girls and even girls beyond will begin to use Levonelle in the stead of traditional contraceptives (i.e. condoms) – this screams STDs and other complications.

Tackling social and moral degradation in Britain

Why can’t we engender some good old fashioned education and views related to sex? Let’s educate the future generations that sex should only be carried out in a stable partnership (marriage) and not in a casual form. Levonelle is part of the problem and not the cure – in my view. This is Levonelle’s introduction (taken form their website):

“Are you anxious because you've had unprotected sex? Concerned that you could be at risk of pregnancy and not sure where to turn?” [2]

Something just seems so wrong about this. If sexual relationships were only taking place under the umbrella and safety net of a stable relationship (marriage) there would be no genuine requirement for the “safety net” of Levonelle. Allow me to opine; Levonelle is profiteering from the moral degradation of Britain – popularising Levonelle, through advertisements, is indicative of the road secularist Britain is travelling on.



[2] Levonelle website


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