Sunday, 4 December 2011

Chris Hedges: Islamophobia is Racism Against Muslims

Chris Hedges points out that the fear of Islam and Muslims in the USA is a form of racism, and that fear helps keep the population compliant and submissive.

If only American Fundamentalist Christians Knew?

Could somebody tell the fundamentalist Christians who fund the lazy lifestyles of 'Christian' missionaries who demonize Muslims and Islam?


Anonymous said...
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islam deen e hanif said...

A great information site about Islam and Muslims must visit.

minoria said...

Hello Minoria here,

Glad you are back Yahya,but holy crap you have to admit Hedges is losing it:

1.He said being against Islam is racism?When Islam is not a race.

2.And that Muslims are an ETHNIC group?

mohamad ridhuan abdullah said...

hello Minoria:

Racism is not necessarily focused on ethnicity, but the base of racism is related to power and prejudice.

mohamad ridhuan abdullah said...

Hello Minoria:

Racism is not entirely about ethnicity or religion but can go beyond because racism is built upon prejudice and power.