Monday, 14 July 2014

Neturei Karta on Zionism - Dr Yasir Qadhi

From Dr Yasir Qadhi's FaceBook:

The Neturei Karta are a small, unpopular group amongst the Orthodox Jews. They believe that Zionism is a blasphemy of the highest order against Judaism and the laws of the Torah. They stick to the laws of the Torah and believe that it is unholy to steal people's lands and persecute them in the name of religion.

Since they are not blinded by Zionism, they can point out the realities of the Israeli genocide and holocaust being inflicted on the Palestinians.
We Muslims should aware of these groups (and also recognize that they are a small minority that is, unfortunately for us, not representative of mainstream Judaism). I've had the privilege to meet Rabbi Weiss multiple times and consider him to be an ally against the racist apartheid policies of Zionism.

Along with the Neturei Karta, there are also many secular and liberal Jews who are opposed to the policies of Israel (and at times of Zionism as well) purely on humanitarian grounds. They stand with us in truth and justice - may Allah increase their ranks!

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