Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Truth About ISIS - Dr Yasir Qadhi

Taken from Sheikh Yasir Qadhi's FB:

The Islamic Caliphate of ISIS claims to stand up in the face of oppression and defend the Muslims & the values of Islam, yet the recent beheadings and attacks on innocent civilians show that the actions of ISIS contradict the most basic notions of sacred value for innocent life that Islam teaches.

While it is true that the base cause of such extremisms is the chaos and bloodshed caused by the foreign policies of Western powers in Muslim lands, it is also an undeniable reality... that these groups have done more to damage the beauty of Islam and to distort the reality of the teachings of its Holy Prophet more than even the enemies of Islam have done.

In this highly controversial yet scintillating interview, Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi gets into the mindset of radical "Islamic" movements and unveils the psychological framework that leads to terrorism.
He academically analyses the three primary combinations that must exist before radicalism is resorted to. He also talks about the 'Shami Witness' Twitter account, and comments on the Sydney lone gunman who held a cafe hostage.

A highly insightful and profound conversation - an absolute *must* to listen to for every Muslim in light of today's sensitive circumstances.

The Reality of ISIS: Modern Muslim Fundamentalism ~ Dr. Yasir Qadhi


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