Thursday, 29 January 2015

Jonathan AC Brown on Honor Killings

Here we see there has been a consensus for centuries amongst Muslim scholar on the prohibition of honor killing. Not only this, we also see honor killings are not specific to Arabia and Muslims.

Along with quips about camels and hummus, 'honor killing' is among the first phrases that average folk in the West associate with Islam. ...Violence committed against women for perceived compromises of family honor is a product of patriarchal societies suffering from economic underdevelopment. The phenomenon is found across religions and from Brazil to India. Ironically, those Arab countries with legal provisions that treat honor crimes more lightly than comparable offenses all draw these laws from the Ottoman Criminal Code of 1858. It, in turn, translated this provision directly from the French Legal Code of 1810.

Questions about honor killings have regularly found their way into the inboxes of leading muftis like Yusuf Qaradawi or the late Lebanese Shiite scholar Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah. Their responses reflect a rare consensus. No Muslim scholar of any note, either medieval or modern, has sanctioned a man killing his wife or sister for tarnishing her or the family's honor 'Misquoting Muhammad', Jonathan A.C Brown, Kindle p179

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