Sunday, 12 July 2015

James R. White Proven Wrong by his Buddy Shamoun

Here we see another example of extreme inconsistency and/or ignorance on the part of James White. White is either being inconsistent in his championing of an internet pseudo-scholar who has a long history of lies, crazy arguments and shoddy 'scholarship' when it comes to Islam. The reason why I say inconsistency, not because it's White's by-line and faux-crux (well, it may have something to do with that) but rather because if it was Ergun Caner making such pronouncements about Islam White would have pounced on Ergun and made a public spectacle of him.

Yet when it's James White's buddy (and fellow Calvinist?) we see a different picture. We see White endorsing and championing this odd internet 'apologist' called Sam Shamoun.

White either has no clue what his buddy Shamoun has been up to over the years or is just being flat out disingenuous and inconsistent in acclaiming this man. As is my wont, here's a little video I made for you. Grab that cup of coffee and try not to choke on the inconsistency and/or ignorance of James R. White

If the video does not play please see:

This is a video highlighting how Sam Shamoun's shoddy scholarship, lies and ignorance refutes James White's claim that Sam knows what he is talking about.
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