Monday, 20 July 2015

More Poor Scholarship from Dr James White: More Women in Hell Hadith

Here we see Dr James White resorting to low-level internet arguments. The inconsistency is quite striking as highlighting in this video via clips of Prof. Bart Ehrman and Dr Shabir Ally who point to parts of the Bible which White, if consistent, would be sharing 'just for the ladies' in his church.

To this day, I'm yet to meet that consistent Christian apologist. To this day, I continue to campaign in order to educate lay Christians that their apologists present low-level internet arguments which betray their ignorance of the Islamic source material and traditional scholarship. Sadly, lay Christians have trust in their apologists. They trust folk such as Dr James White, thinking they know they are talking about. I've repeatedly demonstrated James White's arrogance, ignorance and bad scholarship. I hope this stimulates lay Christians to stop relying on their apologists and actually start researching and thinking for themselves.

If this video does not play, it can also be viewed here:

Alpha and Omega apologist James White presenting more inconsistency and poor scholarship. Christians often use a Hadith to malign Islam that women are not given equal rights and are condemn to remain in the hell fire. While they mislead they try to make some issue out of the following Hadith. Do women form majority in the hell:

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