Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Sam Shamoun: Biography of a Chicken

You hear a lot of cooing on the net from an Arab-looking fella called Sam Shamoun. A lot of chest thumping. A lot of claims of Muslims being afraid to debate him. Remember, this is the man who claimed Shabir Ally put his head down out of fear of debating him. Yep, put his head down!
He lives in a delusion. That's obvious. However, what he does not want you to know; he  also lives in a chicken pen.
You've seen the claims Yusuf Estes, Zakir Naik, Shabir Ally etc. are all afraid of debating him. Little does he tell his followers the reality. Muslim apologists have blacklisted him for his immaturity and potty-mouth. You see Shamoun, isn't only filled with hot-air, lies, misdirection, ignorance and misrepresentation. He's full of insults.
His delusion leads him to claim Muslims are afraid of debating him...chickens.
However, Yusuf Ismail called his bluff and challenged him to two debates. In fact, Shamoun has been running away from Yusuf Ismail for about a decade now. Here's a report on Shamoun's latest chicken-run away from Yusuf Ismail:
Assalamualaykum Brother Yahya
Hope you are well…almost 10 years ago, I sent you correspondence between myself and Sam Shamoun backing out of a paid trip to SA
Well he has done it again….and refuses to touch certain subjects even though they focus solely on Islam.
For the record and you may share this with others on your forum and elsewhere with Christian extremists in exposing this religious fanatic!
After initially agreeing in principle to debate two important issues

> 1. The Prophet's marriage to Ayesha and the reliability of the reports in this regard
> 2. Is the Satanic Verses incident authentic or fabricated?
Sam Shamoun chickened out of a debate, changed the 2nd topic  and still spreads rumours that people are afraid of debating him
When he was called out on this. He backed out of debate and blocked me on facebook…so I could not comment in reply..
His deception is beyond reproach
And then he goes on Facebook abusing and calling me a swine, a thug, a Muhammadan killer and a whole host of abusive epithets
Kind regards
Yusuf Ismail
FOR THE SINCERE CHRISTIANS: Christians claim to be guided by the Holy Spirit and evangelicals like Shamoun claim the 'father' of non-Christians is Satan. Hold on, think about it. Why is it, we have an evangelical who is insulting and behaving how Satan would want him to behave? Ask yourself, if this evangelical belief is true, then why do we regularly see non-Christians behaving in a better manner than Christians? Clearly, that evangelical belief is demonstrably false. Think about it.
Some sobre thoughts on Sam Shamoun
If you're a  long-term financial supporter of Sam Shamoun you will have seen a ton of unedifying and unspiritual behaviour from him, ask yourself, is it really edifying to continue supporting him in this misguided endeavour? Is he doing a service or a disservice to the church? Would it not be better to encourage him to get a real job and go out in the real world? Would that not be better for his mental and physical health? Ask yourself these questions, I've tried with Sam. I've tried to help him turn things around. My email is always open for him but where are the Christians to tap him on the shoulder and say, look things aren't going well here. It's not like he is new to the scene. The bloke has been at it for the last 2 decades, surely one would think he's said everything he has in his locker by now? Why is he wallowing on the net like this? It's pathetic, right?
There's a book by an author from the north of England - JB Priestly. It's a play actually, called An Inspector Calls. It's something many schools go through during high school here. The moral of that story is, everybody has a responsibility for everybody else.
Do you not think you are part of the problem here by encouraging him? Think about it