Friday, 26 February 2016

Scandal: Promoting Adultery of the Heart

Look, I'm well aware of modern day society and the losing battle religiously-minded people are facing against sexual sin. It looks like are slowly giving up on that front as they are now seemingly allowing hugging and kissing between unmarried couples.

Many pastors and Christian counselors strongly advise a couple to not go beyond holding hands, hugging, and light kissing before marriage

I think this website, which is described as a conservative evangelical website, tinkered with their answer and the above quote is not the original wording - it appears it was originally advice given by the writer at Have a look at the quote here in this forum in the OP:

I, personally, would strongly advise a couple to not go beyond holding hands, hugging, and light kissing before marriage.

It seems as though changed the wording. Either that or the forum user made a mistake (which strongly I doubt as he seems to have copied and pasted).

Whatever the case maybe, there are issues here for conservative Christians. If the author advised such then he/she is promoting adultery of the heart (Matt 5:28)  and is going against the Bible verse mentioned in the beginning of the answer (Eph 5:3). If the author is suggesting the 'many pastors and Christian counselors' are offering advice which is edifying there's an issue - why else would the author mention 'their' advice if he did not believe it to be useful (which seems to have been his/her advice initially).

Are there any conservative Christians who disagree with this advice? If you are out there will you speak out against this?

We all struggle to resist sexual sin but this attitude from a supposedly conservative Christian organisation is perpetuating the problem of sexual immorality we are facing in the West (and increasingly in the East). Christians say they are guided by the Holy Spirit yet the answer provided by cannot be considered holy.

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