Tuesday, 8 November 2016

How Jay Smith, Nabeel Qureshi, Sam Shamoun and David Wood Contribute to the Apostasy of Christians

Muslims have refuted ad nauseum the claim that Islam allows rape of concubines (see here and here for examples) so I am not looking at refuting this claim. This is a focus on the idea of consistency (or rather a lack of it) when it comes to the Bible.

In this video we see a Christian apologist give a standard response to the idea of the Old Testament (yes, that's the Bible) allowing women to be captured and used as concubines or married off to the captors. His answer seems pretty straight forward to semi-smart people.

James White's comments condemn Jay Smith, Sam Shamoun, David Wood and Beth Grove

If the video does not play, please see here

Anybody who can process the idea of context, judgement of God, and understand the fallacy of presentism can argue against Western secular humanist critique of Abrahamic religions and religious figures.

Sadly, what I'm noticing on the Muslim-Christian apologetics/polemics scene is a tendency to ignore such factors and argue as Western secular humanists against the other religion. This happens amongst the Christian camp. Westernized Christians go so far as to adopt an inconsistent standard of argumentation to attack Islam whilst ignoring or being unaware of their indirect attack on the Old Testament and the Trinitarian view of Jesus.

Glaring examples would include polygamy, capital punishment, violence and concubinage. The example of concubinage takes a life of its own as Christian polemics propagandize in order to equate that to rape and even introduce new, misleading and emotive terminology for concubines - "sex slaves"!

For the serious-minded and smart Christian evangelist there are two problems:

1. The argument is inconsistent as the Old Testament allowed soldiers to take captured women (Num 31:16-18, Num 31:31-40, Deut 21:10-14). The Old Testament is the word of Jesus along with the Father according to Trinitarian theology thus, for the Trinitarian, to argue this is rape is to indirectly accuse Jesus of allowing rape.

2. The Christian polemicist is setting Christians up to stumble out of the Church with premises which aren't couched in consistent Biblical thought. Think about it, a young Western millennial Christian is effectively being taught by Christian polemicists like David Wood, Nabeel Qureshi, Sam Shamoun and Jay Smith that polygamy, concubines, warfare and capital punishment make a religion false. These millennials are being set up to stumble out of Christianity as they later build up their knowledge base of the Old Testament. This is all because "feel good Christian" polemicists like Wood and Smith don't appear to have the intellectual honesty or foresight to factor in consistency with the Bible.

Christians are quite often scoring own goals. That desire for the quick buck, quick convert or quick boost in personal popularity can quite easily assist the undoing of some young Christian's faith further down the line.

Surely smart Christians can see this. Sadly for Christianity there are less and less smart Christians operating in this arena and even fewer have the fortitude, or regard for Christianity, to take on their "feel good Christian" missionaries.

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