Thursday, 24 November 2016

Muslim Indonesian Women Tricked By Christiam Missionary Men?

This was a shocking comment from an Indonesian Muslim who explains the depth of dishonesty some Christian missionaries go to in order to try and convert Muslims to Christianity in Indonesia. One of the methods is for the Christian man to pretend to convert to Islam and then once married and with children for the purpose of getting the woman to leave Islam (or whatever other faith she happens to be) and become Christian:

In the Name of Allah the Gracious the Merciful.

It does not surprise me at all. As one who has been in counter missionary da’wah organizations for years I have witnessed this deceitful method happens in my country as well, the most populous muslim nation in the word: Indonesia, and it has been documented by many counter missionary islamic organizations.

One of the most devilish method includes marrying potential conversion (mostly muslim women) in Islamic tradition then after few years after having kids the missionary men revert back to christianity leaving the women have no choice became dependent on their husbands having no income but to follow their husband faith.

I often wonder what motivates this hyper-zealotry other than the work of satan..

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