Sunday, 7 April 2013

Dr Bassim Gorial Questioned About ABN

Hi Dr Bassim Gorial and Haifa Gorial, I have a few concerns over the way in which your TV station – ABN Sat – is being utilized. I am extremely pushed for time but do hope you look into the points and concerns I’ve raised.

Unscholarly and Untruthful

Some of your employees (Sam Shamoun and David Wood amongst others) who appear on your English version of ABN have been using your platform to spout utter falsehoods and slanders against Prophet Muhammad.

The two employees of ABN (David Wood and Sam Shamoun) have been documented to have used your platform to have spouted the thighing hoax, the cross dressing lie and the perverted claim of necrophilia (sex with a dead person) amongst other claims. These blokes seem to be plucking anything and everything they find on the net and showcasing them on ABN as truths.

They have no credentials to speak on such subjects either. In fact do any of the ABN employees have any real credentials to speak on Islamic subjects? I mean, if you look at the Muslim dawah show, The Deen Show – they do use some folk who have had some training in Christianity. With ABN it seems anybody can pitch up and begin speaking about Islam…

You’ve had Kamal Saleem, a man who has more than one version of his conversion story, on the English section of ABN. You’ve had the discredited and dubious Walid Shoebat on there too.

It really does appear scholarly integrity and honesty goes out of the window when folk use ABN as a platform to speak about Islam.

Utter hatred of Muslims = Christian Love?

Then we have the issue of sheer hatred for Muslims which your employees show towards Muslims. Usama Dakdok is an evangelist who on your channel labelled Muslims as ‘demons’. You’ve had Walid Shoebat wanting to nuke Muslims…on ABN. Combine that with the tone of some of your callers as well as the behaviour and comments of other ABN employees.

I would strongly recommend you go through the ABNSAT section on this site which highlights a number of scandals (roughly 20) your employees have been involved in whilst on ABN. Please take your time to peruse through such posting here:

My question to you is thus: is ABN geared towards evangelism OR hatred, unscholarly diatribes and deceit?

PS – Please educate one of your employees on the Bible

These are not photo-shopped pictures, they are of one of your employees, David Wood, who is actually dressed in his wife’s nightie. Maybe he is unaware of the Bible reference of Deut 22:5 - A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God. ESV

New Testament Manuscripts:

Allegorical readings of the Bible:


Anonymous said...

do david wood and sam shamoun pay TAX on their earnings from abn and donations,-Regulations-and-Official-Guidance

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Speaking in Houston This Monday Evening
For those of you in the Houston area, I'll be speaking for the Houston chapter of ACT! for America this Monday (April 8th) at 7:00 P.M. The topic is "Muhammad: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." Send me an email if you'd like details.
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First Anonymous,

501(c)3 organizations are not subject to federal income tax through the IRS. Acts17 Apologetics is a 501(c)3. It's stated on the homepage of their website. As such I'm sure they do not pay taxes on their donations as they are exempt from tax liability.

Back to the ol' drawing board on methods to shut down criticism of Islam for you! Don't lose hope my little amateur's a cookie for your trouble ;)