Monday, 15 April 2013

Who is Ali Ataie?

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Ustadh Ali Ataie seems to be one of very few Muslims who have a scholarly grasp of Biblical textual criticism, Christian history and Christian theology. For any Muslim who wants to build up their knowledge base concerning the Christian scriptures and theology I’d recommend Ali Ataie’s classroom lectures. I will link to a YouTube channel which contains his material (classroom lectures) here:

This is the description of Ali Ataie from Ta’leef collective (we pray his PhD goes well and thank him for the good he is doing the Muslim ummah, masha’Allah):

Ali Ataie is the President and Founder of Muslim Interfaith Council and has been involved in interfaith activities for over ten years. He earned his undergraduate degree in Accounting from Cal Poly State University in 2000, during which time he served as the President of the Muslim Students’ Association . He has been both a guest lecturer and guest instructor at several colleges and universities such as Cal Poly State , UC Davis , UC Berkeley, and Cal State East Bay . He studied various Islamic sciences under local Bay Area scholars and has dialogued and debated with several Christian scholars on a variety of topics ranging from the historicity of the resurrection of Christ (upon whom be peace) and the Prophethood of Muhammad (upon whom be peace and blessings). He is a graduate of the Badr Arabic Language Institute in Hadramawt, Yemen and studied at the prestigious Dar al-Mustafa under some of the most eminent scholars in the world. He holds a Masters’ Degree in Biblical Studies from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, (the first Muslim seminarian in the 143 year history of the school to do so), and is working on a PhD in Islamic Biblical Hermeneutics.

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Semsav12 said...

Ali Ataie is awesome, he appeals to the kids, he is a good debator and is going to get a PHD in biblical studies, The ummah REALLY needs people like him right now.

Anonymous said...

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