Monday, 2 September 2013

False Claim: 'Muhammad learnt from Waraqa - the relative of Khadija'

Some folk continue to make the ignorant claim of Waraqa being the source of the Quran. If these folk were actually aware of the facts their reasoning would not allow them to make such a claim. The fact remains, Prophet Muhammad (p) only ever met him twice, Waraqa was a blind man and he died three years into the revelation of the Quran (the Quran was revealed in a period of roughly 23 years):

Muhammad's contacts with the Jewish and Christian scholars were very limited. The most prominent Christian known to him was an old blind man called Waraqa ibn-Naufal who was a relative of the Prophet's first wife Khadija (ra). Although of Arab descent, he was a convert to Christianity and was very well versed with the New Testament. The Prophet (pbuh) only met him twice, first when Waraqa was worshipping at the Ka'aba (before the Prophetic mission) and he kissed the Prophet's forehead affectionately.

The second occasion was when the Prophet (pbuh) went to meet Waraqa accompanied by his wife Khadija (ra) after receiving the first revelation. Waraqa died three years later and the revelation continued for about 23 years [in total the revelation took about 23 years]. It is therefore ridiculous to assume that Waraqa was the source of the contents of the Quran, as he died at the very beginning of the Prophet-hood [Bracketing mine] - Quotes in red from, Islam: Silencing the Critics, Zia Sheikh, 2nd Edition, 2012

Scientific facts in the Quran:

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Ha ha ha ha, wow Snowman you have no clue do you.

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Its not just white girls but Muslims are grooming young Seik girls.

So I guess you could say Islam is an equal opportunity exploiter

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I'm Muslim and not grooming anybody. Do u want ppl to say all Christians groom little boys just cos some priests did bad things ?