Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Rationalizer Refuted Comprehensively by Hafiz Chuck Connors

Here we have it. Some folk have been waiting a while to see 'The Rationalizer' refuted. The wait is over.

The truth is, there are a number of folk on the net akin to 'The Rationalizer' who have little or next to no knowledge on Islam yet argue against it as though they are scholars.

The Rationalizer Debunked

'The Rationalizer' is the worst kind of charlatan and an embarrassment to both religious and non-religious people, not to mention Edward Woodward.

Here, physics graduate and Islamic scholar Hafiz Chuck Connors exposes his gaffes and bargain - basement sophistry.

He also takes Muslim apologists and speakers to task for forcing 'scientific' explanations into the Quran when they shouldn't.

'The Rationalizers' errors in the fields of science, history and religion are way too numerous to all be addressed individually, but this representative sample of his molestation of cosmology, mauling of the Arabic language and abuse of the historical method should suffice for intellectually engaged Muslims and Atheists, though it won't stop him subjecting the public to his cheap polemics.

Thanks to Nazam for the upload and description.
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Radical Moderate said...

Snowman before I waist 2 hours of my life listening to what has to be the most boring sounding speaker on earth.

I'm wondering is it specific "Scientific Miracles" that he refutes or all the "Scientific Miracles" that he refutes?

It seems to me you have blog articles supporting and touting the "Scientific Miracles" of the Quran.

Even one embarrasing video of Hamaza Tortz and Andad Rasheed with PZ Myers. That has to be the all time face palm video of all time.

Anonymous said...

Therationalizer exposed

Anonymous said...

Qur'an miracles myth-makers exposed.

Radical Moderate said...

"We believe gravity is because of the Gravaton"

LOL this guy is a physics graduate. Obviously not a particle or quantum physics graduate lol

Radical Moderate said...

Snowman this guy tares Islam apart and you Muslims don't even see it. Let me give u an example.

He first says that the Quran is simple it can be understood or a lot of it can be understood by most people. He then says that in order to understand the Quran you need to understand Classical Arabic, you need to memorize the Quran in this classical Arabic, you then need to use the hadeeths, and then understand the explanations of the hadeeth, and you need to understand the Tasfirs and you need 10 different Qurans. So much for there being only one Quran lol.

So much for the Quran being clear and easy to understand lol

But it gets better because he then throws his methodology under the bus. He later says that the Scholars those that write the Tasfirs, use week and sometimes fabricated hadeeths and they make mistakes.


So which is it? and how do I know he is not using week or fabricated hadeeths? and how do I know he is not making mistakes in his explanations?

Another question for Muslims, is if you know these week and fabricated hadeeths exists and they are easily detected because of the "SCIENCE OF HADEETHS" that has been around for at least a 1000 years. Then why not remove these week and fabricated hadeeths from the hadeeth collections?

When ever you Muslims try to make Islam look good you make it that much worse. I guess thats what you get for defending the indefensible.

Thank God I have a clear God and thank god for the clarity of the Trinity.

Radical Moderate said...

Oh man this gets even better. What kind of physicists is this guy. Obviously he is not a cosmologist because he said at one time the stars where together lol.

Radical Moderate said...

Thank you Yahya thank you thank you thank you this is the best video ever. Just got the big bang part lol

"Never have I seen water come after the big bang".

"If someone says this it is against science" lol

YAHYA REFUTED by another MUSLIM lol I love it when Muslims refute Muslims. Its almost as good and Muslims killing Muslims in Syria lol.

ThisIsTheTruthUncut said...

I don't think Chuck Connors accurately described even one of my arguments. It looks as though he has invented arguments which have some of the same words and then countered those instead :)

I'm more than willing to talk to Chuck via a live video chat and record it so that we can discuss the subject.