Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Jews (Rabbis) Converted to Islam


Nakdimon said...

gosh I wonder where this Abdullah got his information of muhammads name, time and place from.... surely you Muslims can share that with us. Because the Tanakh says that the Messiah would be the Last Redeemer and Prophet that Gid would sent...not an Arabian prophet.

Nakdimon said...

Deut 18:18 is about an Israeli prophet
Deut 33:2 is about God
Isaiah 29 is about God's Judgment on the Jewish people
Habakuk mentions Teman, the son of Esau

Where does that rabbi get his information from? I cant tell...

Radical Moderate said...

Nak exactly Muslims like to make these claims that the Jews went to Arabia to await the coming of a Arabian Prophet. Kind of funny how when these Jews got what they were expecting they rejected him so much to the point were the Quran curses them.

Not only that but Muslims sources... I should say the only sources that make the claim that Jews were awaiting an Arab prophet no were mention where these Jews got their information from or what
passages in the Tanak this Arab prophet was proclaimed.

Can you say DESPERATE.

Anonymous said...


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