Thursday, 23 October 2014

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There is no doubt that I did not apply the same level of criticism towards my Christian beliefs as I did towards my Muslim faith. There are lots of reasons for this and I will forever regret that I did not do this. But I was young, naive, and taken advantage of. My soul was empty, Christian's saw it and filled the emptiness with a Bible and full throttle indoctrination. 15-17 was way to young for me to be doing the things I was doing, and saying the things I was saying, I forever regret them, but I also attribute this to a lack of direct parental involvement in my life. I wish I could figure out a way to best express what happened to me, and what motivated my decisions, and the statements I made during this time, but I'm still not sure how to go about it with a heart that is not filled with bitterness and anger towards those who I feel took advantage of my youth and my Muslim background. One day I will share more. -Negeen

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