Thursday, 5 February 2015

Christian apologetics to Muslims, more women in Hell Hadith

Christian apologetics organisations are doing a disservice by presenting their flocks with the standard Christian apologetics around Hadith mentioning the majority of the dwellers of Hell would be women.

Apart from not telling their flocks that there's another Hadith showing that women would outnumber men in Paradise, the Christian apologetics organisations misuse and misunderstand the Hadith they use.

At the end of the day, they pass on intellectual dishonesty - knowingly or unknowingly.

Here we see Reverend Steven Martins of EAM presenting the Hadith - it appears Reverend Steven Martins is a victim of intellectual dishonesty at the hands of those who taught him Christian apologetics in relation to Muslims.

If video does not play, please see:

Waqar Akbar Cheema of the Islamic Center for Research and Academics has discussed the Hadith here:

Do women form majority in the hell?

Whether you are a Christian or Muslim, it's important to avail yourself of these points as superficial and intellectually dishonest Christian apologetics are being  circulated both offline and online.

Here are a few take-home points from Cheema's article:

Women don't go to Hell for simply being women.

In the Hadith mentioned by Christians, the Prophet stated only what he had seen during his Miraculous Journey which is not bound to remain the same for ever.

Other traditions plainly establish that in the Paradise women will be much larger in number compared to men

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