Thursday, 12 February 2015

Tackling Christian Apologetics on Polygamy (Polygyny) in the Bible and the Quran

We've seen Mark Henkel's presentation and arguments for polygamy in the Bible. There's nothing wrong with polygyny. Muslims should not worry about any criticism on this front. Polygyny is something that is allowed in Islam. It's not a must, so if somebody feels inclined to marrying only one woman - that's fine. The vast majority of Muslims only marry one woman.

However, here we see spurious Christian apologetics from Steven Martins which are easily refuted.

Refuting Reverend Steven Martins of Nicene International Ministries: Polygamy in the Bible and Quran

If video does not play, please see:

It must be said, as women do outnumber men in the world, polygyny is a solution to this problem. Imagine a warring situation in a patriarchal society in Africa where the majority of men have been killed due to warfare and thus women vastly outnumber men in this society. Would it be reasonable to prevent this community from polygyny? Of course not. That would be an injustice on the women as they would be deprived of having their own families, fulfilling their natural desires and gaining economic security as well as the physical protection in that troubled community.
Steven is the executive director, lead-Evangelist and Apologist of E&AM, specializing in the proclamation and defense of the Christian faith, and training the Church to fulfill its mandate. He was born in Toronto, Canada and comes from a Hispanic and Portuguese culture. He is a York University graduate with a Bachelor of Human Resource Management, working towards a Masters in Christian Apologetics at Veritas Evangelical Seminary, teaches Hermeneutics at the Ontario Bible Institute, holds two certificates in evangelism, along with apologetic training from RZIM Canada. Steven is also ordained with the Canadian Christian Ministers Federation.

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