Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Dr Yasir Qadhi: The Distortion that Prophet Muhammad 'Robbed Caravans'

This is one of those claims that's out on the internet: 'Prophet Muhammad and his men robbed caravans'. Dr Yasir Qadhi breaks it down in this short clip. It's really a twisting of the facts. Prophet Muhammad p and his men did not attack caravans unconditionally. They were at war with the Quraish. The Quraish had  oppressed them, forced them out of their land and took their property and wealth. Thus, the only caravans which were attacked were those of the Quraish.

Be alert to distortions about Prophet Muhammad p on the internet.

Dr Yasir Qadhi and the Distortion: 'Prophet Muhammad Attacked Caravans'?

Khalid Yasin on Caravan Robbery Claim

It was indeed the pagans who began the hostilities by persecuting and beating the Muslims, on top of this the pagans even boycotted the Muslims which almost led to starvation! The Muslims as a result were forced to leave Makkah because of the Pagan violence and hatred, leaving all their property and business behind in the hands of the violent Pagans who would not compensate or anything. Hence the prophet Muhammad had every right to raid their caravans and take their property and income as the pagans had first done this to the Muslims [Sami Zaatari]

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