Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Contradiction: Robert Spencer Runs Away From Muslim Debater Yusuf Ismail

Robert Spencer the Coward

ROBERT SPENCER is one of the most vicious and cowardly Islamophobic extremists in the world today! After having agreed in principle to DEBATING me in S.A. and claiming that most "defenders of Islam" run away from him, HE has now BACKED out from the in- principle debate, stating he wants nothing to do with me because he finds me RUDE (?!?) Nice excuse! Taken from Yusuf's FB

Robert Spencer, somebody who his Islamophobic financial backers would call a courageous man as he puts his life on the line by criticising Muslims and Islam, is running away from an experienced Muslim debater  (one of the more articulate and intelligent ones out there) due to...erm ... perceived rudeness.

This is a guy his fan boys and girls would have us believe is risking life and limb...yet somehow he is afraid a Muslim debater may upset his feelings due to rudeness.

I don't buy Robert's excuse for a second. Any fan of his with an iota of reasoning would not buy it either.

In any case, doesn't it not serve Spencer's propaganda if he does share a podium with a rude Muslim? Of course!

Think about it, Robert Spencer wants to tar Muslims as savages so it kind of defeats his purpose in not conversing with 'rude' Muslims after all he's constantly prattling on about Muslims who have committed some sick crime here in Europe and trying to paint us all with that brush so surely it would have served his smear campaign to share a podium with a rude Muslim.

Having said that, I've followed a fair bit of  Yusuf Ismail, I don't really see much rudeness from him. Being robust in a debate is not rudeness. Debaters can be and are regularly robust. I guess Robert Spencer feared being exposed by Yusuf Ismail for the charlatan he truly is.

It's quite sad. It means Robert Spencer just ducked being taken apart logically by Yusuf Ismail.

Cowards will be cowards.

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