Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Unitarians Have a Better Case Than Trinitarians

Dr. Leonard Hodgson on lecturing on the Trinity, Oxford Univ:
"Perhaps the most significant of all admissions about the attempt to base the Trinity on the Bible comes from a leading Trinitarian theologian of the 20th century. Dr. Leonard Hodgson informs us that in the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century debates between unitarians and Trinitarians, both parties “accepted the Bible as containing revelation given in the form of propositions.” He then concludes that “on the basis of argument which both sides held in common, the unitarians had the better case.”[1] This observation deserves careful consideration by all Trinitarians."
[1] The Doctrine of the Trinity (Nisbet, 1943), 220, 223, emphasis added. The “unitarian” understanding of the nature of God which we propose in the following chapters should not be confused with contemporary Unitarian Universalist theology.

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