Friday, 16 October 2015

Muslims Becoming Christians in Lebanon? Missionary Bus-Start Scandal Bites Again?

I saw this comment on Facebook by a brother I am linked to. Be wary of Chistian missionaries coming into Muslim countries. Be very wary. I really would not put this stunt beyond them.

This seems like one of their old tricks where they take kids out on outings via a bus and then pretend to break down. And wait for the kids to pray to Jesus p and then restart the bus in an attempt the trick the kids into thinking Jesus p answered their prayers. I really would not be surprised if they are using it in Arab countries now too.

Just an example deceitful nature of many missionaries around . This news was given to us by many muslims both men and women who saw this with their own eyes . In Lebanon christian charities who provide help for Muslim Syrian orphans will take them for small trips in a bus . While driving the driver will stop the van and tell everyone that the bus has "broken" down unfortunately. And add some passion and good theater play on to off that to make the kids a bit scared. Then someone part of the missionary team will ask all the children to make dua to Allah that the driver who is trying to start the bus will be able to do so . So they will get all the kids to raise their hands and collectively say YA ALLAH PLEASE START THE BUS !! then the drive attempts to start the bus and it fails . And they will repeat this a couple of times before the kids start getting agitated . Then the same missionaries will say to the children : let's try asking jesus instead kids !! So same thing they will get the kids to raise their hands and collectively say : OH JESUS PLEASE MAKE THE BUS START ! and lo and behold the bus miraculously starts ! . Obviously the kids are to young and innocent to see the cunning and evil plot which has just taken place but this is just one example of the types of tactics missionaries will use in order to convert muslims . Needless to say it's clear to everyone .

Christians, please do not fund Christian missionaries.

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