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Sikh Men Disrupting Wedding Ceremonies in Gurdwaras Aren't 'Radicals'!

Sikhs Bullied by Western Secular Liberalism

As a Muslim, I'm disappointed in the way the liberal media presents practicing religious folk. Sikh men, who have been disrupting and protesting against weddings in Gurdwaras between Non-Sikh men and Sikh women, have been presented as 'radicals' and 'extremists'. While actually when you think about it, they are not radicals nor extremists.

They are simply trying to ensure their faith is observed and their Gurdwaras do not promote and/or allow actions which are forbidden in Sikhi (Sikh Reht Maryada, a Sikh Code which only allows Sikhs to marry via the Anand Karaj ceremony). Marriage between a Non-Sikh and a Sikh is forbidden. So too is gay marriage.

Now, I actually see the concerns of these Sikh protesters. They are seeing their traditions and faith being changed to conform to Western Secular Liberalism. I'd imagine one of the concerns amongst the Sikh communities here in the UK is a fear they are becoming like the numerous churches who have consistently made concessions to appease Western Secular Liberalism. Why would a Sikh want to allow a wedding ceremony which is forbidden according to his scholars to take place in his place of worship, a place which is sacred to him/her - the Gurdwara? The Sikhs with greater foresight will also recognise this as a stepping stone to Western Secular Liberalism's current pet toy - gay marriage.

Think about it, if these Sikhs sit on their hands and keep their mouths shut then how long before they begin to see folk calling for gay marriages in their Gurdwaras? What other concessions after that? Are Khalsa Sikhs going to be pressured into removing their 5 Ks because Western Secular Liberalism does not want them to act and look different? After all, Western Secular Liberalism is all about trying to mould everybody into one mindset.

No, they aren't 'radicals' or 'extremists'. They are just religious Sikhs who don't want their Gurdwaras involved in practices which they believe to be prohibited within Sikhi. Sure, the Sikh protesters opposing these wedding ceremonies are using methods which do not chime with Western sensibilities but that does not make them 'radicals'. Sure, reports of violence and intimidation should be condemned but at the same time it should not be used to malign all the Sikh protesters and those who hold views against Sikh-nonSikh weddings.

Here are a few snippets from various reports of what the Liberals would call 'radicals' and 'fanatics' - I have highlighted the grievances of the protestors so folk can see where the Sikh ire is coming from:

LONDON: A wedding between a Sikh girl and a white man being conducted at Southall Gurdwara here on Friday had to be cancelled when some people stormed it to stop the ceremony.

Protester Jaspal Singh said “the Anand Karaj (marriage ceremony) is specifically for Sikhs. “We have no grievances with any of the couples, nor any problem with mixed race or inter-faith marriages. Our issue is with those in charge of our gurdwaras. Some gurdwaras in the UK are simply ignoring rulings by Sikh authorities, so protesting is our only option. [Read more here]

Sikh leaders called for restraint last night after about 40 religious protesters forced the abandonment of a wedding at a conference and banqueting centre in Slough, Berkshire, by storming the venue and seizing a holy book central to the ceremony.

Angered that the sacred text, the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, was being used in a place where alcohol, meat and cigarettes were available, the protesters snatched the book from a priest who fell to the ground amid chaotic scenes. [Report from 2005]

Under the media radar, such disruptions of interfaith marriages at Sikh gurdwaras have become worryingly commonplace across Britain. In July 2013, a Sikh woman and her Christian husband in Swindon were locked out of their own wedding by 40 protesters, who afterwards posted a gleeful video online of the bride’s mother pleading with them to stop. When the BBC Asian Network looked into the controversy that year, its reporter met a family who’d had their windows smashed as a warning about an upcoming marriage. Most were too afraid to say anything in public.

Shamsher Singh, of the National Sikh Youth Federation, says it objects to this religious ceremony being appropriated by non-Sikhs. “They can have prayers inside the gurdwara, they can have part of the function inside a gurdwara, just not the religious ceremony. That’s reserved for those of the Sikh faith.” [Read more]

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