Sunday, 8 June 2014

Muslim Woman Attacked

This is the type of evil Islamophobia on the net and in the mainstream media can lead to:

We've received a very troubling report of a violent hate-crime against a 55-year-old Muslim woman in Mayfair
She was grabbed from behind and punched repeatedly on the back of the head. She fell face down on the pavement.
The attacker then grabbed her head scarf and dragged her along the pavement, continuing to beat her around the head and face
He shouted profanities at Muslims, Ramadhan whilst beating her, as well as spitting on her, he had the women's blood on his shirt and hands
With his bloody hands he slapped her on the face, leaving a blood-stained hand print on her face
He then ran off, the women fell unconscious. The hate crime has been reported to the police.

Via Islamic Human Rights Commission

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