Saturday, 21 November 2015

Bulgarian Professor Converts to Islam

Prof. Dr Stefan Teofanov has converted to Islam after translating the Quran into the Bulgarian language.

Bulgarian professor converts to Islam

A Classical Arabic Studies lecturer has converted to Islam after studying and translating the Holy Quran to the Bulgarian language.

Prof. Dr Svetan Teofanov, works in the Department of Classic Arabic Literature at the Sofia University, giving lectures in Koran and Quranic exegesis. He has until now several published books as well as publishing as a Quran interpretation. Prof. Teofanov has finished his specialisation doctorate at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies as well as second doctorate at the Moscow Oriental Studies Institute.

As part of the specialisation work, Dr Teofanov said, "Many yeears ago, on the request of the state-owned publishing house, I began to translate the Holy Koran. This was the socialist period. Rather it being service to the Muslims, this was more concerned with assimilation policies in regards to Turkey. Shortly after the work began there was the democratic transition in 1989, the state publishing house went bankrupt, the Bulgarian translation of the Holy Quran was not published in that year. However, I continued to work on the translation of the Holy Koran and this is where my life changed. I began to better understand our exalted book and wanted it from my heart. "

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