Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Scandal: Pfander Centre for Apologetics Linked to White Supremacy, Xenophobia and Racism

This is a new link between Christian evangelical Islamophobia and White supremacy as well as xenophobia.

My advice to Hatun Tash, Sarah and the other Non-White chap in Jay Smith's group called Pfander Centre for Apologetics is to run a mile. Leave this extremist. Don't allow him to radicalise you. THINK for yourselves. The right wing movements Jay is linked to may well be focussing on Muslims for now but don't think they will not come for you. It's clear at least two of Jay Smith's buddies have a strong preference for the White race in European cities.

Have you ever stopped to wonder, why is it that we have seen such a sharp increase in the number of far right wing groups attacking Muslims? These groups used to attack Jews and all Non-Whites. Do you really believe these groups have reformed and all of a sudden they love Non-White people (as long as they aren't Muslims)? I don't think so. They see Muslims as the easier target for now hence why they are targeting Muslims for now...

If you're a Brit be wary and strive to fend off the Christian fundamentalist Islamophobic movement which is creeping into British churches under the guise of phrases such as 'apologetics to Muslims', 'tackling extremist Islam in Europe' etc.

Christian apologetics scandal: White supremacy, xenophobia and racism

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Christians be vigilant, if you see any Christian group in your churches whom you suspect of being extremists, White supremacists, xenophobes, Islamohobes and/or conmen please do report them to the authorities and let me know about them so I can shed some cyber-light on them. I hope our allies at Unite Against Fascists can keep an eye on Jay Smith's 'apologetics' group he calls the Pfander Centre for Apologetics (co-founded by Beth Grove).

Folk have been linking Islamophobes with racists, fascists and xenophobes here in Europe and beyond for a while. Well, Jay Smith dropped his guard and mentioned a few of his 'friends'. We investigated his 'friends', Anne Marie Waters, Geert Wilders and Douglas Murray. The level of racism, xenophobia and sheer Islamophobia amongst Jay Smith's 'friends' is astonishing.  Absolutely disgusting. I hope Beth Grove, Hatun Tash and the others in his group will see through the far right and white supremacist agendas which are closely tied in with Islamophobia.

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