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David Wood: Yahya Snow Censors and Conceals 'Evidence'?

If this video does not play, this video can also be found here

This is really odd. I only came across David's response to my work in countering their thighing hoax  last night after I was on my phone trying to search for one of my posts on a hoax conversion via Google.

It's dated 2014, David Wood is having a testosterone-fuelled blast at me. Playing the big man while trying to belittle the other guy. Typical internet shenanigans. Sad.

OK, here's the serious bit, he's accusing me of concealing evidence Prophet Muhammad 'thighed' Aisha. Erm, we've been through this before. David claimed before Aisha moved in with Prophet Muhammad p, the Prophet would 'thigh' her (intercrurual sex) because she was too young for actual sex. The guy just made that up. See the video above. He was exposed on that a few years ago. He never responded to it back then but all of a sudden we see this post which really does not prove his case.

Firstly, a 'Fatwa' is not evidence for anything. It just means opinion. To have evidence the Prophet did something you need a narration (Hadith). A sound one at that. The local imam down the road can give fatwas on whether it's permissibile to listen to music, use a fridge, wear Nike trainers or whatever. It's a legal verdict. Not historical evidence about Prophet Muhammad p.

I had a look at his link, I couldn't find the narration the website was quoting. So, for the time being, I cannot delve into the Arabic, if it the narration from Ibn Majah exists. However, notice the "narration" does not mention Aisha and it does not mention anything about pre-puberty. Quite how Wood thinks this validates his claims is beyond me. It doesn't. Why wait all these years and produce something so insignificant that doesn't even touch on the claims YOU made?

If I have time, I may look into all this further and produce another blog post as that crowd seem to be trying to throw some dust in the air to distract people from their unsubstantiated claims and deceptions of the past. Sad.


I am also being accused of censorship. These folk have a screen shot of some comments that were deleted. I'm not sure if it's from my blog but there's a discussion in the comments on his blog and it seems like it's not just David who is accusing me of censorship (of links to this thighing fatwa) so I guess some comments were deleted, unless David made a sock account or two. I honestly don;t remember. As far as I recall, this is the first time I've seen this post from David and this fatwa webiste which does not prove anything. Perhaps I thought somebody was spamming. On newer posts I close off comments generally, they are time consuming, but the ancient posts on this blog have comments enabled so I assume, if what they must be referring to an older blog post. Whatever the case, I have no recollection of this. Clearly it was a big thing over at the AM blog :)

For anybody interested, David's post can be foundhere. All the stuff on his blog has been refuted. I always find it interesting that he censors and then he makes a big deal out of me apparently censoring (which I have no recollection of). Happy David? It's on my blog, now how about you start allowing my comments and links on your blog, worried your donors will follow Negeen Mayel through the exit door? BTW, your wife recently censored one of my vids in the Acts 17 group. Yep one of my vids was posted there and soon removed. What have you folk got to hide?

PS I found your belittlement odd considering at least 3 contributors of your blog (including yourself) have asked to debate me while your buddy Shamoun regularly throws out debate challenges my way. Why debate a fly while you boys are giants? Or is it really a case of you boys knowing this website and my vids have harmed your credibility in the eyes of your supporters? Cutting through all the childish insults, it's obvious that I'm not the fly he tries to paint me as while David and his associates aren't the giants they style themselves as. More humility and realism is required.

For the record, I challenge you to a debate. Any topic, you can choose. As long as you agree to reciprocate and accept a topic from me. We'll have the debate on YouTube. The place where falsehood and spin perishes :) The place where so many have seen the Answering Muslims team stumble.
OK, I'm out. If anybody wants more history on the thighing stuff and more info on it, just search for the word on this blog and you will get a ton of posts on it. Have a good day. Peeeace.
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