Monday, 7 March 2016

Marie Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics Censors to Save David Wood's Blushes?

Another video Acts 17 Apologetics don't want you to see

If the video does not play, it's also uploaded here

Recently this video, above, was posted on the Acts 17 Apologetics FB group. It was removed, seemingly by Marie Wood. Marie is an admin of that group. Perhaps they have another admin who did it but Marie was active at that time so it seems.

Whatever the case maybe, Marie Wood, the wife of Answering Muslims' David Wood, why would you consider that video censorship worthy? It's correcting David Wood on his misunderstanding of the word 'white' in classical Arabic pertaining to skin colour. Surely, accuracy is more important than David's ego, right? Surely accuracy is more important than keeping folk falsely under the impression David Wood knows what he's talking about herem right?

Why censor? Why remove the video? Why not want folk to see it and have a better understanding?

Marie Wood, you knew Negeen Mayel. She was your friend, right? Why not have a read about her experiences with Acts 17 Apologetics Ministries?

I'll post an old email convo in full, although the most of the interesting comments from her have been on my blog for a while now.

Sure David Wood is making an income right now out of the internet but the anti-Muslim market is saturated on the net. Folk like David are a dime-a-dozen on the net. Don't you not think David should be trying to find a better career, one which is not about doing whatever he can for internet views regardless of whether it's moral or not, accurate or not?

That's not the comment I was referring to, but that's okay, I think one day I'll be able to sit down and really tell people what happened and what I was thinking during that time in my life. All I can say is that I was very young and because of my age I was in a vulnerable position. I was incredibly naive, and incredibly influenced by those around me. As far as reaching out to David, I have tried talking to him several times about the way he comes across and how often his methods are just simply unproductive and damaging to the Christian-Muslim relationship. But he does not listen to me, he insists that I am the one who lacks good sense. I maintain that I was in no way ready to be put in the position I was placed. Every time I was put in front of a camera-It was never my own idea. It was always at the prodding of those around me who did not understand the consequences of putting a teenager in front of a camera to speak on such complex and heavy matters such as religion. I do feel largely exploited as a result of everything that has happened. While no one physically forced me to do the things I did and say the things I did, there was psychological pressure. The psychological weight of feeling as though every Muslim person's salvation was dependent upon whether or not I went out and became a public spokesperson resulted into feeling as though I would almost be committing a sin if I didn't go out and publicly speak about religion. However, as I have said before I was too young and far too naive to be given such a platform. I do not believe today that the people around me at that time had any real regard for my own personal well being, but only in pressing their own agenda.


Hi Negeen,

I hope all is well.

Firstly I'd like to thank you for standing against the malice towards Muslims that is being churned out by Dave and others associated with that blog.

Negeen I did log into that blog (it's a surplus blog that I have neglected somewhat) and searched for your comment but could not find it. However, I did see a recent comment from yourself on my regular blog:


I honestly to this day have never viewed that video that David posted. I don't need to, he is wearing a womans spaghetti strap and posted it on his website that is associated with his ministry that seeks to
win Muslims to Christ. This degree of outlandishness displays a lack of sheer respect towards the muslim community and that video should not have been posted. Over time I have come to seriously doubt the wisdom behind certain things that David does. Self radicalization can happen to anyone. Unfortunately, I think David has self radicalized himself into having a perspective of Islam that is heavily influenced by evil actions committed by bad people. If I wanted to spend all day reading articles about evil actions committed by Afghanis I would begin to hate all Afghans, but because I have a broader understanding of the Afghan community, because I have been around Afghans who love, laugh, and give generously I understand that not all Afghans are terrorists who hate women. I really wish David would spend less time self radicalizing himself and spend more time amongst the homes of normal muslims who love the good things in this world

Is this the comment you refer to?

I would be very much interested in hearing your experiences. Life is a journey and people do make mistakes.

Perhaps you could have some influence on David and help turn him around? I doubt his wife and kids are really impressed by his internet manner and actions. I think Nabeel has moved away from much of that approach but Dave seems to have allied himself with Sam who is very antagonistic and disrespectful towards Muslims.

God bless


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