Sunday, 11 April 2010

Astonishing Christian Claim on the angel of the Lord!

A Christian on the answeringmuslims blog/site made an astonishing claim which was full with so much manipulation/misrepresentation of the Bible (not to mention utter falsehood) that it must be challenged here. A user named leviMichael made this bizarre claim:

"The Angel of the LORD" is clearly Jesus before the incarnation; every1 in the OT testament seems to worship this Angel!

This is yet another example of the ignorance and reckless nature some Christians will sink to in order to attempt a justification of their personal belief (ie claiming an angel from the OT to be God). I have already refuted this claim and shown that this claim is not Biblical nor part of essential Christian theology here:

My question to leviMichael is can you show us all these people who were worshipping the angel of the Lord in the OT?
I'm cetain he cannot...leviMicael, next time please think before making hefty claims

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