Tuesday, 27 April 2010

It is Simon from AnsweringMuslims...AGAIN :(

This time he says:

"burn in hell -----".

He calls Islam a "sick religion" and "evil" (despite my article showing Islam to have a superior teaching concerning alcohol than Christianity)

"everyday something new pops up in the news about how these bastards"

Simon needs to calm down before he does a hernia but the question that must be asked is why do the Christian administration of the blog approve his comments?

Recently I declined a comment due to the comment containing an insult directed to the Bible...who has higher standards?...

The Muslim???...the one who is supposedly following the devil???

Simon, please view this article to realise Islam is not from the devil:


Anonymous said...


While I don't agree with the way in which Simon chose to express himself, I have to say the title of your post could be misleading. To characterize Simon as "from AnsweringMuslims" could cause people to think he is a member of the blog, which he is not.

Secondly, from a Christian theological perspective, the substance of 3 of Simon's points is accurate:

1) that Muhammad and anyone else that does not accept Jesus as Lord and Savior is in hell,
2) that Islam (and every other false religion) is evil because it leads people away from saving faith in Jesus as Lord,
3) that there are regular news stories about Muslims trying to use force to make Islam the only political and religious system on earth ("take over the world", in Simon's words).

Also, it would be nice if you would actually quote the whole comment or link to it so people can read the context. I don't condone Simon's use of words, but if you are going to make a whole post about a comment you need to at least allow people clear access to the comment in question. As it stands, you didn't even manage to quote a single sentence in it's entirety.

Ali said...

Anonymous, i have the full quote from Simon as well as other Christians on Answering Muslims on my blog.
Christians should start off by explaing if the Jews are damned because they do not take Jesus as anything. to christians jesus is also the god of the jews yet the jews deny it. whats going on here? i thought if you don't believe in jesus as god you're hell bound? was this jesus' plan to damn the jews? where in the bible did moses call jesus god?