Sunday, 18 April 2010

David Wood Out of His Depth on Surah 65:4

YahyaSnow — April 18, 2010 — Link to Sheikh Hamza Yusuf audio:

Link to my (yahya snow) article on Surah 65:4:

David Wood clearly misleads his audience on a number of issues:
No tafsir writer agreed with him, NONE of them mention sex withprepubescent girls, despite Wood's desperate pleading.

Wood hides knowldege concerning the dolls hadith

Wood claims I have never read 65:4 yet I have written an article on the verse! More worryingly; his colleagues knew this and I have sent links to the article to Wood's blog in the past!!!

Wood adulterates tafsir literature.


Anonymous said...

Wood is an idiot. He condemns things which are 10 times worse in his Bible. The raping of women: 2 Samuel 13:32. The killing of women: 2 Kings 15:16, Hosea 13:16.

He condemns this and tries to find this in Islamic scriptures, but when it comes to the Bible, he condones it. He's simply a 2 faced hypocrite

The Other Anonymous said...


So the incident in which Amnon rapes his sister is mentioned in 2 Samuel 13:32, and it is condemned as "he violated his sister Tamar". The act is condemned as immoral, and for you this is somehow like Surah 65:4? You mention 2 Kings 15:16. Two problems with your use of this verse: 1) you are relying on the actions of a man that only 2 verses later is described as "he did what was evil in the sight of the Lord", 2) this incident has nothing to do with marriage or sex with children. You also mention Hosea 13:16. Two problems with your use of this verse: 1) it is a warning about what is going to happen to Israel as a result of disobedience, 2) yet again this verse has nothing to do with marriage or sex with children.

You seem to have a problem with both your reading comprehension skills and your logic. You also seem to have no desire to defend the teaching of your Quran in Surah 65:4, rather prefer to attempt to justify it by claming, "The Bible is worse". How unfortunate.