Saturday, 17 April 2010

Fair Christian Defends the Hijab!

My friend (Jack) from TogetherForPeace speaks out against hatred against the hijab. Note, I apologise for some of his language, he was emotional and I can personally vouch for Jack as a fair man. The Christian hate preachers which this site has been encountering over the years (and some of their followers) can learn a great deal from Jack.

Please note, Jack is a well respected Christian and is not amongst those who waste their time on anti-Muslim hate sites. I just hope this inspires other Christians to speak out against haters amongst the Christian community.

I really hope this can inspire some Christians to stand up against Christians who are picking on Muslims on the requires backbone, courage and a stand up type of person to do this. Are you capable of this?

God bless Jack and God bless all fair people. May Allah guide him to Islam. Ameen


minoria said...

Interesting video.The only detail I disagree with him is SCARF on HEAD=MODESTY.Modest pants and shirt,yes.But in what way is covering your hair modesty?Hair is just hair,it's not a leg.

In Muslim literature they say Paul says for a woman to cover her hair.True.But they don't know he also says NOT covering it is ok.Personal preference.We know because:

1 COR 11:14-15:"Does not nature show that it is a shame for a man to have LONG HAIR?
But it is a glory for a WOMAN to have it.Because the HAIR is for her a VEIL."
For Paul LONG HAIR=VEIL also.

Yahya Snow said...

Thanks minoria

He is a decent guy too.

I would say hair is a key feature of fem physicality

I don't know your gender mionria for certain (though I assume male)?

But if you are female would/do you wear a head covering?

If you are male how about your daughter...would you allow her to wear it?

As for hair = veil

In what sense, Paul is ambiguous if we go by that isolated reference. How about we look at it in a more rounded fasion...if we do, imo,we come to the idea that Paul supported the head scarf.

Thanks and God bless you

minoria said...

Hello Yahya:
I am a he.In Spanish Minoria means Minority.I chose the name since Chistians are a minority.As for daughter's having a scarf,if they wish yes.
As for Paul he liked the idea,at least in the EKKLESIA(weekly gathering of believers in a house).
Ekklesia was NOT a TEMPLE.It meant any gathering:for politics,sports,theater,etc.
But he also saw it as optional.He liked the fashion of it.

We know he meant it in a fashion sense since in the SAME letter he is against MEN covering their HAIR.Yet in his time JEWISH MEN always covered their hair when praying or in the Sabbath assembly in the synagogue.