Thursday, 22 April 2010

David Wood Displaying Nudity and Insulting Muslims, Hindus and Mormons

Wood uploaded a post on his blog showing a clip from SP insulting Muslims, Hindus and Mormons; he also displays the submission video (which contains nudity)

And this man is Christian??? Where is Nabeel to admonish him??? Where is Negeen to admonish him??? Minoria??? Any Christian with a backbone and decency would rebuke him...

Here is my latest post (which I submitted to his comment section) just in case he decides to censor it:

Meant to have read
Why was a clip from SP shown on this blog

Also...I have just clicked on another vid from this post...I had to stop watching as it was displaying nudity (or semi-nudity..I didnt watch it all...I would not ask others to view it either)

What is going on here,David?

Are you guys getting some sort of gratification from this???

You do realise JESUS would not support this post.

The one who made this post (David Wood) has absolutely breached any religious trust he had, furthermore he has lost all religious credibility he had (if he had any in the first instance).

How can you even dishonour what you (Christians) hold in sanctity by displaying this material on a blog which simulataneously attempts to discuss religious Books such as the Bible and religious figures such as Jesus. Surely this is not the place for such obscene material?

I own the NIV Bible and I can honestly say I do not even undress in view of it nor watch a Hollywood movie/listen to music whilst it is on display. I guess i am old fashioned...respect and decency is clearly close to extinction now :(

People; I appeal to what shreds of piety we have left...surely postings like this one do not belong on a blog discussing theology and even preaching a religion.

I can honsetly see why Atheism is becoming more appealing in the world as those who represent faith work assiduously in undermining faith...this post being an example of this!

The one who made the post should hang his head in shame

The sychophants and spineless ones amongst us who are afraid to lend critique to the one who made this post (David Wood) ought to take a long hard look at themselves and develop some fortitude

(Note: he did not allow the post to be approved...why?)

Nabeel Qureshi and other Christians...please do the decent the thing by rebuking him and reconsider any affiliations you have with him

Here is another example of Wood's anti-Christian nature (I appealedto a Christian, Nabeel, to rebuke him concerning this too):


minoria said...

Hello Yahya:
I was a bit surprised by the comment.I saw some of the video,not all since I got bored,so I saw nothing of the semi-nudity part.I skipped a bit,but did see Buddha sniffing cocaine,and Mohammed in a bear costume.
Now that I think of it,I think David should have added a note above saying:"this has Buddha sniffing cocaine,etc".
"It is to your discretion if you want to see it."It didn't occur to me,so I will make the suggestion.

Yahya Snow said...

Minorie you KNOW even appending a disclaimer on such material is UN-Christian...

Why stop short of a rebuke of David Wood

I appreciate you thought Wood's actions were not acceptable BUT surely a stronger rebuke is required.

For me it does not matter; it is the Christian community he is harming. He is turning people away from christianity.

He has young followers too and he is show casing "over 18" material on his blog

Come on...we all know Jesus would not accept this.

I know we have different concepts concerning Jesus but neither "Jesus" would accept Wood's actions.

However, i thank you and i ask God to bless you further.

minoria said...

Thank you Yahya for the feedback.If Jesus would accept it or not,it's hard to say.He simply said to follow the Golden Rule.It leaves alot of room for DIVERSITY.

1.Some Christians are against the war in Irak for X reasons,others for it for X reasons.
2.Some are for the Democratic party,others Republican.
3.Some approve banning the veil in France,others are against it.

In the end Jesus leaves it up to a person's conscience.That's why(an also due to freedom of speech)I can't say to David he's 100% wrong...because if I do it could be I AM the one who is wrong.

Yahya Snow said...

Like I say brother Minoria..I feel youhave more fairness iside you than most but I must say show casing nudity/semi nudity is not accepted by Christianity

In any case...if David is trying to evangelise to Muslimsthen surely he realises he is simply repelling them from his faith by postings such as theone being discussed.

It is his behaviour that is in question...his behaviour has led him to being blacklisted by the MDI and other asscosiates.

Does he not see he is doing more harm than good. It will not be swept under thecarpetandthos Muslims who aremonitoring his behaviour to see whether he can be welcomed back intothe fold of good dialogue will not be impressed..all this will be reported back and noted..sadly :(

I have emailed a pastor about this too

I appreciate your cautious approach and your efforts brother Minoria

Now is a time for prayer.

PS..Minoria...when I mentioned "sychophants" I never considered you part of this are NOT one of them.

Yahya Snow said...


I wrote:

Like I say brother Minoria..I feel youhave more fairness iside you than most but I must say show casing nudity/semi nudity is not accepted by Christianity

It should read:

I feel you have more fairness inside you than most but I must say the blog show cases nudity/semi nudity which is not accepted by Christianity


minoria said...

Hello Yahya:
I didn't know David was blacklisted by MDI.I don't know if you have connection with it but MDI says NON-TRUTHS about the human rights association called EDL(English Defense League)formed in 2009.It's small,has 300-500 people but welcomes all races who want human rights.
Their idea of continuing to have a secular UK is sound.MDI says the EDL is racist(not true).
Such action by the MDI is wrong since it's deliberately saying non-truths.Paul Williams is of the MDI,I had ASSUMED he was against kiling apostates,but when he did not answer with an immediate I AGREE! then I knew something was wrong.
The debates MDI holds are good but their philosophy-way of thinking is in essence anti-human rights(how can killing apostates be acceptable)?Paul Williams' article on that Jesus was for killing apostates shows not the teaching of Jesus by MDI's ideology.
So God bless you Yahya,but believe me,I KNOW what I am talking about,and Jesus was not for killing apostates.If all goes well soon an article of mine on that will appear in (under Esperanto,but I should have kept my original name)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Not trying to resurect a post here but I have finnaly gathered all apropriate information that enables me to speak with inteligence on this situation. Please forgive my spelling. :(

2: YahYa I am impressed with your ability to create a following and for the ability to create such a succefull company.

The way you have carried yourself, the charges put upon you and the lawyers you use to hide information from your own country is of concern to me. Why stop people from speaking out against you or badly of you when you can simiply prove them wrong? Unless you had something to hide? Over seas we get unedited information of your exploits. There is no turning off wordpress here.

I do apologize not as a religouse affiliate but as a humanbeing upsetting ones beiliefs by directly disgracing them is wrong, however this is what southpark runs on. Over here we change the channel. If you fuel the fire it grows. Im sure you have bigger things to worry about then two guy making a show over seas that has no affiliation to you or your religion.

I ask that you remember these words of mine as I am a nobody with no chance to prove the value of everyone nor anyone.

I support David Wood for the most part, the video submission may be against your religion and against old out dated christian vlaues that you may still be influenced by but the majority of the world has moved on. The video may also strike a cord with you and your brothers due to the remembrance of the horribal trajety that one of your brothers comited against another humanbeing due to the creaton of this video.

Im sorry of our differences but until you start to except them never will there be peace.


P.S. In the movie submission people in the states see many things but very VERY very VERY few feal it is an exploit of sexuality or even slightly arrousing. I dont see how you can even claim it against christianity to post it, again these are simply the differences worth getting used to for PEACE!