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ABNSat Hoax: Kamal Saleem's Fanciful Conversion Figures

Absurd: Kamal Saleem’s 17 million Iranians converted to Christianity last year

Kamal Saleem has the glass of scrutiny firmly fixed upon him, he knows this. Despite knowing this he climbs aboard Samar Gorial's English show on ABN (Aramaic Broadcasting Network) and he blunders spectacularly by presenting outrageous Christian propaganda that the most gullible fundamentalist will baulk at.

The alleged former terrorist, Kamal Saleem, whilst asking for support (money) from his Christian audience threw in a few stun grenades (pun intended) and certainly stunned me into action; I have no idea if anybody was stunned to empty their bank accounts to ABNSat through Saleem’s Christian propaganda.

What Propaganda?

Kamal Saleem claimed, with a straight face, that 17 million Iranians converted to Christianity last year! Somebody needs to tell him Press TV, in January 2010 (this year), stated the figure of Christians in Iran is between 100,000 and 300,000 – that is less than half a million. Clearly our friend Kamal was presenting misinformation. Where he got this bout of propaganda from is beyond me. Care to explain, Kamal?

Even Christians disagree with Kamal Saleem’s unsupported claims

Worthy Christian News, in June of this year (2010) estimated the Christian population to be at least 100, 000 [1]. The figure is not even half a million. Also Wikipedia have it down as three hundred thousand; again, not even half a million [3].

Kamal Saleem presents another “difficult to believe” claim

He claims the number of Muslims converted to Christianity last year is a staggering 60 million! This is a bin load of rubbish too. It is notoriously difficult to gain an accurate estimation when it comes to conversions but the figure that generally gets banded about is that of about 2.5 million (two and a half million) conversions to Christianity each year from ALL faiths, globally [2]. Clearly, Kamal Saleem’s figure is implausible and hugely unsupported.

Did Kamal Saleem REALLY make these far fetched claims?

Yes, he did blow us away with these claims (terrorism pun intended). I have the video evidence, have a look for yourself

Kamal Saleem Misleads ABNSat - The best home videos are here
Kamal Saleem is under YouTube scrutiny

It appears Kamal Saleem is being presented as the “new Ergun Caner”. Last night I came across a YouTube video labelling him a fake “Ex Muslim”; the video by 1MoreMuslim took us through some of Kamal Saleem’s blunders.

For those who are unaware, Ergun Caner was claiming to be an “ex-Muslim” yet he made glaring errors in his pronouncements on Islam and has recently been removed from his post at Liberty University.

I noticed Kamal Saleem has TWO conversion stories?

Maybe Kamal Saleem converted to Christianity TWICE? Or, more realistically, our friend Kamal has been caught telling tales. They always say; if you are going to lie, make sure you have a good memory. It will be interesting to see if Kamal Saleem comes through the current scrutiny unscathed (terrorist pun intended) or as a fraud

The last thing the Church wants right now is another charlatan being excommunicated

Will Kamal Saleem stand up to close scrutiny?

Here is 1MoreMuslim’s first video investigating Kamal Saleem. Kamal really does not look or sound like a former terrorist. I would really like him to answer for the discrepancies is this video (he even claims to be a hafiz by reading the Quran three times):

Are you Arab Christian? If so, this is for you:



[1] Ref Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent. A BosNewsLife/Worthy News Investigation)


[3]Number of Christians in Iran

A snip from Wikipedia with regards to the difficulty of putting figures on conversions:

Statistics for rates of conversion are the most difficult to gather and the least reliable: they are often distorted by social taboos such as the ban on apostasy in Islam, sometimes amplified by governments and policies at social institutions like universities[3][4] or the reporting of commitments where the individual does not persist. This means that a lot of the data on growth of religions is derived from birth and immigration rates.

There are a large number of people who self-identify themselves as associated to a specific religion, but who are not religiously active. If, for example, asked to choose between Christianity and other religions they would say they were Christians; if asked to choose between Christianity, other religions and "Not religious", they would say "Not religious". This may make categorization difficult.


Walid said...

kamal boobed big time

Anonymousing said...


these following comments did not go through in the other thread. I hope you dont mind me placing them here as I will be assured they will not be lost with the filter.

Anonymousing said...


You said: When you are cornered , suddenly it becomes an analogy. Hmmm , changing your position once again.

I am also very Proud to call myself a dog not fit to receive the children’s bread! Amen again.

In case you do not understand, when somebody says that, they do not magically turn into a physical dog. I can assure you I did not grow fur and a tail after saying it.

That is what is analogous.You get it now? We are not really dogs sam, we cant be we are people and our God doesn’t transfigure people who don’t keep the Sabbath into literal physical animals, like your god does to those pesky Jews and Christians. You’re imposing your own Quranic understanding into Christianity.

I was never cornered, you are the one deflecting. I have answered a bunch of your contentions already to which you did not concede or refute but instead jump all over the place and move on to attack something else. That is not dialogue.. Talk about emotional outbursts. I think most of you r running on emotion.

(you are no better than 1moremuslim :p who would say that anyhoo? "you are NO BETTER" haha, i showed you!)

you said: What is so racist about the sabbath breakers becoming pigs / monkeys? You break the law , you pay the penalty.

(this part has been heavily edited due to yahya not approving the comment. it might have been a little too "real")

Really, I don’t even know how to answer that.

I wonder if there are any monkey or pig descendants of those Jews and Christians. What do you think?

Maybe those animals(lit.) just poisoned the whole well and now there is ape and pig DNA running through all those Jewish and Christian veins?

Uhh those pesky Sabbath breakers! Those monkeys and apes (lit.)!

you said: To this very day , no god fearing jew will break the sabbath.

HA! Ohhhh if only a Jew could KEEP the Sabbath!

Anonymousing said...


you said: Interestingly from you ' Christianity God ONLY creates MAN in HIS image. Only man..' Since the trinity regard man being dogs , is your god a dog?

Sir, God is NOT a dog. Dogs sin, Jesus was pure and sinless. Sin is why we are unclean like dogs in the first place; you do not understand that, you think you’re holier than Thou.

you said: Now we are in agreement that kaab ashraf according to the biblical law of deut17:12 must die.

No we are not in agreement. Muhammad WOULD HAVE BEEN CLEARLY EXECUTED under MULTIPLE Deuteronomical indictments for many of his actions, but most importantly for being a false prophet. You still have yet to even demonstrate or state why in the world that verse from Deuteronomy justifies Muhammad’s deceit, from Deuteronomy please.

Proverbs 6:16-19 "These six [things] doth the LORD hate: yea, seven [are] an abomination unto him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness [that] speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren. "

you said: Your contention is that Prophet Muhammad(saw) permitted lying to lure Kaab Ashraf out so that Masalama can kill him. Once in a while , use your brains. What would have happened if Masalama told the truth?

Thank you for calling me a dog with no brains, again, and thank you for demonstrating my point.

You justify Muhammads deceit and lying since it makes luring your victim into slaughter that much easier! Oh ya, he had to lie I see your point now. Oh and of course he had to slaughter him for “waging war” on the prophet” (disagreement over the Kabaa?). Good thought process, real humble.

Revelation 21:8 " But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. "

sam1528 said...

anonymousing ,

woof! woof! woof!

Its true , you claim your god created you in his image. You and 'thefatman' regard yourselves as dogs. Isn't it proper that your god is a dog as you have been created in the image of your god.

Dogs sin? Tell me just how a dog may sin? Which bible a dog refer itself to?

Give a biblical guideline that prove Prophet Muhammad(saw) has sinned that warrants death. Proverbs6:6-19 do not state of such. Prophet Muhammad(saw) did not do anything of the sort in proverbs6:6-19. In fact everyone from biblical noah to moses to david to solomon to biblical jesus would have to be executed per the proverbs6:6-19

You are the one admitting yourself a dog ... amen to that. Suddenly it is now an analogy. What a guy.

What is your disagreement per deut17:12 , Kaab must die? Disagreement over kaabah is not 'waging war'. Kaab incited people to take arms against Prophet Muhammad(saw). This is all in your favourite book of ibn ishaq. Selective memory yet again. Per deut17:12 , kaab has signed his death warrant. To kill him and only him , per the biblical guideline of deut17:12 , a lie was used to lure him out. What is sinister about it. It has prevented unnecessary deaths if Masalama told the truth of his intention. Kaab would have yelled for assistance.

Rev21:18 is not applicable to Prophet Muhammad(saw). However it is very applicable to Paul. His own admission , 2cor12:16 '..Be that as it may, I have not been a burden to you. Yet, crafty fellow that I am, I caught you by trickery!..'

Rev21:18 is warning you about Paul , not Prophet Muhammad(saw). This is the product of 2000years of church brain washing.

woof! woof! woof!

sam1528 said...

anonymousing ,

Hey no worries , you / christians regard yourselves as dogs. Ok by me , no issues with that one. The only thing here :
woof! woof! woof! (thats how dogs communicate)

I don't think its analogous , refer to the comment by your brother in christ ; 'thefatman'.

Its very fair. You break the rules you pay the price. The particular group of jews broke the sabbath , they paid for what they did. Why are you so emotional over a bunch of lawbreakers? Looks like the emotional one is you and only you.

You said it not me. You claim that you have pigs DNA in you. Look at it this way , you are what you eat.

From you '..HA! Ohhhh if only a Jew could KEEP the Sabbath..'. Are you trying to tell me that the jews don't keep their sabbath? This shows that we muslims regard jews better than christians. We believe the god fearing jews do keep their sabbath.

woof! woof! woof!

Anonymous said...

Yahya, can you provide me with the links or reference when you say "Kamal has two conversion stories". I have seen one, I would like to see the other as well.

Yahya Snow said...


Thanks very much. Watch this space. I am hoping 1MoreMuslim will showcase it in his series on Kamal Saleem


Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you write an entire para on your blog "I noticed Kamal Saleem has TWO conversion stories"

However when someone asks for a reference you state "Watch this space. I am hoping 1MoreMuslim will showcase it in his series on Kamal Saleem"

Yahya Snow said...



With experience in the Ergun Caner scnadal I will tell you footage disappears inexplicably...thus civing links to an "anonymous" commentator is hardly the wisest move.

So, yes you will have to watch this space to see BOTH versions of Kamal Saleem's conversion story.

What do you want me to do...tell you and risk losing the footage?

Ask ANYBODY who monitored the Ergun Caner scandal with regards to footage being removed.

Actually I need to reply to 1MoreMuslim's please do excuse me and do watch this space :)

Peace and Love

Anonymous said...

I am Glad i came across this website.Added to my bookmark!