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Muslim Defends Ray Comfort Against Atheist (dprjones)

Atheist (wrongly) accuses the Bible of contradiction over LOBSTER!!!

The evangelist, Ray Comfort, announced he had given a number of Atheists free tickets to Red Lobster and our friend dprjones sprang into action and attempted to catch old Ray off guard by throwing out a Bible verse which prohibits the eating of lobsters

Dprjones is an atheist activist (militant?) who thought he had caught Ray Comfort out but Roy responded to dprjones’ by proving lobster was permitted in the Christian faith. Dprjones has subsequently suggested the Bible is contradictory!

The Old Testament does NOT allow the eating of lobsters as they have no fins and scales:

Deuteronomy 14.9-10
These ye shall eat of all that are in the waters: all that have fins and scales shall ye eat:
And whatsoever hath not fins and scales ye may not eat; it is unclean unto you.

However the New Testament allows the eating of ANYTHING:

Mark 7:18-19
And he said to them, "Then are you also without understanding? Do you not see that whatever goes into a person from outside cannot defile him, 19 since it enters not his heart but his stomach, and is expelled?"

Theologically is it contradictory?

No! Christians believe in two Testaments; one being current (New Testament) whilst the other (Old Testament law) is believed to be abrogated BUT it is still a composition of the Bible as all Scripture is considered inspired and of benefit (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

So there is an idea of progressive revelation in that previously, during the Old Testament times, the eating of lobsters would have been sinful but due to the NT abrogating such a dietary law the verse in Deuteronomy (14:9-10) is no longer applicable.

So is it Mark 7:18-19 in contradiction to Deuteronomy 14: 9-10?

As one law came to abolish the other it would be unfair to label this a “contradiction. It is not a contradiction and Atheists would do well in ceasing to propagate such a claim in their ever so lengthy lists of “contradictions”.

Red Lobster

Dprjones is a Brit, like myself, and I believe Ray’s generosity only extended to Atheists in America. I guess an empty stomach and bitterness are ingredients for error.

Internet Atheists

I do hope drpjones rectifies the situation as soon as possible. Internet Atheists need to adopt more restraint and understanding. Many militant Atheists seem to be hounding religious folk and this is not on. Whether dprjones is amongst the militant crowd, I don't know.

However, I do hope the militant Atheists will allow the internet to be a better place by easing away from their anti-religion agendas.

Here is dprjones’ original video addressing Ray Comfort

Invitation to Islam

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Anonymous said...

Ok. I guess ibn Taymiyya is a little too off topic.

I will email you the question.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh whatever there are different spellings.

Yahya Snow said...

dprjones responds politely via email:

Thanks for the message and the link.

I appreciate your attempts at apologising for the clear contradictions in the bible. However, I remain un-impressed.

As for:
"However, I do hope the militant Atheists will allow the internet to be a better place by easing away from their anti-religion agendas."

I have said many times, both privately and publicly, I have no problem with any person's beliefs provided they keep them to themselves. If someone seeks to preach to me (as Comfort does) then I shall not hesitate to expose their hypocrisy and the nonsense upon which they base their beliefs.

If that makes me a "militant" with an "anti-religion" agenda then so be it.

Thanks again.



My Response:
Mr Jones

Thanks for the email however it is not difficult to understand it is NOT a contradiction yet alone a "clear" contradiction.

This anti-religion stance of yours is clouding your objectivity.

If you told your young child to hold your hand whilst crossing the road but LATER ON (when he/she was more competent) you told your child there is no need to hold your hand would YOU claim to have contradicted yourself? No!

You do Atheism no favours with such an accusation.

I appreciate your response and DO appreciate the GOOD work you have done. Do not undo such effort by unjust rhetoric. There are some real "nasty" Christians out there but Ray is far down the pecking order. Don't allow your attachment to Atheism to dictate whom to focus on.

I rebuke the "nasty" individuals who call themselves "Christians" but try to work WITH the more balanced Christians. Ray would be considered amongst the latter. Food for thought.

I must dash

Take care


Yahya Snow said...

I am not logged in and I did receive an email about ibn Taymiyya

My answer to the one who is asking; go to your local Islamic centre and ask about ibn Taymiyya and Shias

This blog has no real interest in Shias and is not related of the life and teachings of Sheikh ibn Taymiyya.

I get the feeling some people are playing games with these anonymous comments.

Sam, Dave and Leobrigada...please ease up.

And leobrigada, I have never boasted extensive knowledge of the four schools of thought. The two that I am more aware of are those of imam Shafi and Abu Hanifa.

Again, stop with your games.

If you want to people's times please go elsewhere.

When I get home I want to concentrate on the blog work and not waste time dealing with the immature types.

I was meant to be putting a post up about Deut 22 tonight. Not sure if I will be able to get it up before bedtime.

Please only comment if you are sincere

I invite all of you to Islam. Clearly your current faiths are not working

Yahya Snow

Yahya Snow said...

BTW fellas,

A thanks would not go amiss. After all I have just cleared up a Bible contradiction whilst you and your pals are playing games and/or demonising Muslims.

Sam, try doing something constructive with your time. Making up lies and insulting people is hardly constructive. Same applies to you, David and leo.

Yahya Snow

Anonymous said...

Yahya when you said:

I don't think they're really Muslims.

Sam, Dave and Leobrigada...please ease up.

Again, stop with your games.

Please only comment if you are sincere

BTW fellas,

Sam, try doing something constructive with your time. Making up lies and insulting people is hardly constructive. Same applies to you, David and leo.

You where talking to GHOSTS. Do you believe in ghosts?


Since I did send you a very cordial email asking you some very elementary background matters dealing with Islamic schools of jurisprudence with which you are very familiar, I would at least expect a short reply to my EMAIL.

The only reason I asked you in the first place was because I heard you say in a video, or two, that you were a student of all 4 madhabs. I am not testing you dont be afraid, Yahya.

This blog has no real interest in Shias and is not related of the life and teachings of Sheikh ibn Taymiyya.

Thats exactly why I asked you through email. I would also like to point out the title of this blog is FACTS about Islam.

I find it hard to believe you accuse me of not being sincere after i asked a perfectly sincere question in which i DO have a perfectly sincere interest (Taymiyya is cool in my opinion so far) and brush me and my question off by saying:

go to your local Islamic centre and ask about ibn Taymiyya and Shias

While you invite me to Islam! You know what would have been inviting, a simple reply to my question.

I find that hard to believe.

And what is worse is that you now have my last name by way of my email! And you accuse me of insincerity? I formally communicate with you using my real name and this is what your response is?

A word of advice (not something I haven't told you before), lay off the people you keep mentioning because you are thinking about them WAY TOO MUCH.

Happy Than...oh nono, it's over now :)

- A. Mousing.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous who gave Anonymous 1,2,3 the tip. I saw your comment and responded to it before Yahya had a chance to remove it, after which he removed my reply to your removed comment. I can see you were completely right. It sounds like Yahya is writing ibn Taymiyya off as a heretic. This is an area that interests me – Wahabs/Salaafs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Yahya,

When I quoted you the FIRST QUOTE I provided WAS AN ERROR. That Quote does NOT come from Yahya Snow. The following quotes after that one where all from Yahya.

A. Mousing

Anonymous said...

Hehe now is the best time to post when Yahya is asleep in bed dreaming about Christian jinnies!

Ones comments have a far greater chance of staying up!

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Tony Rogers in the house

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nadir in the house

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- Daniel