Sunday, 29 May 2011

Islam on Dhimmis: What They Don't Want You To Know!

Brother Ali from the Answering Christians blog has posted a very interesting piece on Dhimmis:
How often will Christians admit that Muhammed pbuh guaranteed them safety and rights (btw the Jews and Christians at the Prophet's time DID take him as a Prophet of God)

“Someone who unjustly kills a dhimmi (person under protection) cannot get a whiff of Heaven. However, its fragrance is felt from a distance of forty years. (Sahih Bukhari, Jizya, 5)

2. Our Prophet (saas) said: “Whoever oppresses a dhimmi or burdens a weight over him more than he can carry, I will be his enemy.”

3. Whoever oppresses a dhimmi or loads a work that is over his strength or takes something away from him by force, I am his foe on the Day of Judgment.” (Abu Dawud, Kharaj, 31-33)

4. “I am claimant of anyone who depresses a dhimmi. The one who I am claimant of (in this world), I am also claimant of on the Day of Judgment.” (Ajlouni, Kashf al-Khafa’ II, 218)

5. Holy Prophet (saas) commands: Beware! I will be complainant of those who act cruelly and heartlessly to these people (who are bound by agreement) and restrict their rights or who load a work over what they can sustain or take away something out of their will, on the Day of Judgment.” (Abu Dawud, Jihad; (İslamda Devlet Nizami [Islamic State Order]), Abu’l-A’la Mawdudi, Hilal Yayınları, 1967, p. 71)

[Interjection: as you can see, the Prophet Muhammad (p) stood up for the rights of the Dhimmis and warned MUSLIMS against unjust treatment of the dhimmis (the protected people). Where are the Islamophobes to tell you this? Nowhere. The Islamophobes want to scare folk into hating Muslims and Islam whilst cashing in on the misguided fear]

6. In any one of the countries conquered at the time of Hazrat Omar, not even one place of worship was failed to respect. Abu Yusuf writes:

“All places of worship were left as they were before. Neither were they demolished, nor the defeated people were deprived of their properties or belongings.” (Abu Yusuf, Kitabu'l-Haraj; Islam’da Devlet Nizamı, Abu’l-A’la Mawdudi, Hilal Yayınları, 1967, s. 74)

7. Hazrat Ali said, “Whoever is our dhimmi, his blood is as blessed as ours, his property is as protected from damage as ours.” In another verse it is related that Hazrat Ali said the following: The property and life of the ones who accept status of Dhimmi is blessed as ours (the Muslims).” (Islam’da Devlet Nizamı "Islamic State Order”, Abu’l-A’la Mawdudi, Hilal Yayınları, 1967, p. 76)

8. In the agreement which our Holy Prophet (saas) decreed the articles to Ibn Harris ibn Ka’b, who is a Christian, and other Christians:

“The religion, churches, lives, chastity and property of the entire Christians living in the East and the West are under the protection of Allah, His Prophet (saas) and all the believers. None of the people embracing the religion of Christianity will be forced to accept Islam. If one of the Christians suffers murder or injustice, Muslims are obliged to help him, he narrated the verse: “Only argue with the People of the Book in the kindest way…” (Surat al-Anqabut, 29/46). (Ibn Hisham, Abu Muhammad Abdu’l-Malik, (v.218/834), as-Seerat an-Nabaweeyat, Daru't-Turasi'l-Arabiyye, Beirut, 1396/1971, IV/241-242; Hamidullah, Al-Wasaiq, s.154-155, No.96-97; Doğu Batı kaynaklarında birlikte yaşama, “Living together in Eastern and Western sources”, p. 95)


answering muslims said...

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1MoreMuslim said...

To Answering Muslims
Will you print forged Gospels? Will you print David wood lies?

Anonymous said...

No, they hand out the "injeel." These people are such jokes.. Instigators and bigots..

Anonymous said...

asalamualiaokum wa ramatallahi wa barakathu

I would like to invite all the Muslism to the original Islam, that of submiting to the father, by submiting to the son making him the son your King of Kings, Your Lord of Glory, The Great I AM.

Just as Jesus Submitted his Will to the Fahter, we to Submit are will to the Son, so that

1 cor 15:28 - When all things are subjected to Him, then the Son Himself also will be subjected to the One who subjected all things to Him, so that God may be all in all

I call you to submit to the one who is,

the image of(AJ) the invisible God,(AK) the firstborn of all creation. 16For by[f] him all things were created,(AL) in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether(AM) thrones or(AN) dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created(AO) through him and for him. 17And(AP) he is before all things, and in him all things(AQ) hold together

I call you to submit to him

Becasue there is(A) salvation(B) in no one else, for(C) there is no other(D) name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved."

Anonymous said...

Hahaha.. jsut like a christian missionary.. to be a deceptive trickster.. Your theology is illogical, stop trying to camouflage it. Jesus is a pious man, a prophet. God doesnt give his divinity to humans, stop lying to yourself. abandon your pagan beliefs. Know that there is only one entity worthy of worship and that is God, not Jesus. You make me sick with your lies..

1MoreMuslim said...

To Anonymous:

If the Son subjected himself to the Father , then he is not worthy of our subjection. We don't subject to subjected beings.